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“Chaos Is Our Greatest Ally”: Confusion Surrounding Gaddafi’s Death

Prologue: George W. Bush mistakenly said in a speech once, “Chaos is our greatest ally” he quickly tried to salvage what he said by switching “our” to “their” in an attempt to refer to Al-Qaida but we all know who Al-Qaida is, right? “Chaos is our greatest Ally” proved to be true once again as complete chaos ensued while Gaddafi was captured. Saif also said, “It’s a chaos, a really big chaos!” referring to the situation in the Benghazi area early in the revolution. What role did chaos play in the revolution and whose ally was it?


Right now folks, I’m just as confused as Gaddafi was when the NTC forces caught him. I just have one question now, why is there so much confusion surrounding this mans death?  Let’s be honest, we all know what it feels like when some one gets killed. John F. Kennedy was assassinated, no one had a doubt because we all saw what happened. The dispute arises when we start questioning where the bullet(s) came from and who fired it. Martin Luther King was assassinated, no one had a doubt because we can see the pictures but the dispute arises when we question who fired the shot and from where. Robert Kennedy was assassinated, no one had a doubt because we all saw the video but once again the dispute arises when we question who fired the shots, from which direction did they come from and why does the “assassin” not remember the incident even to this very day?

Folks, the list can go on and on. Lee Harvey Oswald was assassinated, no one had a doubt because we all saw jack Ruby jump out of the crowd and shoot him. The problem is that this scenario, with Gaddafi, it just doesn’t match up with the other “famous” killings, murders, and assassinations. There are just too many question to be asked and not enough answers to be given. It reminds me too much of Hitler, he killed him self in a bunker as berlin was being invaded by Russia. When the reality is that a BBC radio broadcast stated that a Russian general in Berlin said they found six dead Hitler’s non of which were the actual Hitler. To this very day there is no and I repeat absolutely NO proof that Hitler not only died but killed himself in that Bunker on that day in Berlin. Yet, there are numerous reports of Hitler’s escape to Spain and/or Argentina after the fall of Berlin. Anyway, that story is for another day.

You see, I get the same feeling as the Hitler fiasco. Too many questions, not enough proof. Just Like Saddam, 8 months later US troops pull out this guy, and only God knows who he is, with this massive beard that looks nothing like Saddam and everyone is like “here he is now lets hang him!”  Osama Bin Laden, US Seal Team Six goes into Pakistan invades their air space and their soil kill this man, and only God know who they really killed, and are somehow able to retrieve his body through the hail of bullets and explosions while displaying a live video to the White House. They took a picture of Osama Bin laden’s dead body but they don’t want to show it, so instead they throw his body in the sea according to Islamic traditions. That is the biggest load of hogwash I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen lots of hogwash.

Add Gaddfi’s death to the list with Hitler, Saddam, and Osama Bin Laden. The list of the most mysterious, questionable, confusing, proofless, conspiratorial, and outright amazingly ridiculous series of events to ever revolve around the death of a single person. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Gaddafi supporter but I’m also not a supporter of elite groups tricking the world into thinking they killed a tyrant when in reality they didn’t, elite groups of which Gaddafi himself is a proud member. Gaddafi was a liar and a thief of the highest kind. He changed the Quran, he called himself a prophet, he created the title “King of Kings” for himself and he was witness to countless persecutions and hangings of his own people without trial. He is the worst of the worst, the lowliest of the low, darkest of the dark and people say that eyes are windows into your soul….qouting the guy that took his picture at the UN meeting, “he had no eyes.”

This is a man who knows about religion, his relatives are Jewish, he is supposedly Muslim. Yet, he took the path of the Devil using Black Magic to get his way like the Pharaohs of Egypt. I’m glad that he’s dead but I know we got tricked…..again.



Muammar Gaddafi is Dead: Fact or Fiction?

Gaddafi Captured by NTC forces

The events of Gaddafi's capture

After a long and grueling battle, Libya’s revolutionary fighters finally overran Sirt and chased down Gaddafi. The problem? Gaddafi was leaving in a convoy when French NATO pilots bombed it. Remarkably, out of the 50 or so burned and charred corpses and wreckage, Muammar managed to escape (yet again) with a small group of guards. So he ran, 007 golden gun in hand, and hid in a sewer pipe. One of Gaddafi’s guards began waiving his rifle with a white cloth at the tip yelling, “My master is injured.” As the fighters got closer he began shooting at them. When the fighters finally closed in they found his body guards dead, one shot in the head and the other his head cut off, and Muammar in the sewer pipe. He showed little resistance when they caught him.

According to the videos shown later on, he was paraded on the hood of a truck bloody with no shoes on. He was taken off the hood to a wild crowd of people pushing and shoving. One man even lunged at Muammar Gaddafi and when people pulled him off someone pulled Gaddafi’s hair. We see another video of Gaddafi laying on his stomach, his shirt partially ripped off and a small pool of blood. When they roll him on his back in the video, he appears dead. They later report that he died on his way to a hospital in Misrata 120km away from Sirt. After pictures of a dead Gaddafi begin appearing, the National Transition Council makes a statement saying that Gaddafi in fact died from a bullet to the head while caught in the crossfire between NTC forces and Gaddafi Loyalists.

The story you hear above is just 1 account of what happened. There are numerous accounts of what happened to Gaddafi and all of them are conflicting. Some say when the fighters closed in on him at the sewer pipe, he yelled, “Don’t shoot my sons!” others say when they caught him he said: “What happened? What do you what?” as if he doesn’t know the “rats” are looking for him.

Some people say he was shot in the upper left shoulder, some say he was shot in the arm, more specifically some say his right arm. Some say he was shot in the leg, others say he was shot in both legs. Some people even say he was shot in the back and others say he was shot in the stomach. One account even says that he had no wounds when they caught him in the pipe and that later on some one shot him in the crowd of people.

Some say he died on his way to the hospital in the crossfire, but then we see a video of him apparently dead on the concrete outside. Someone even said that they took a piece a hair for DNA testing and his hair turned out to be “artificial”.

When the very first reports came out that Gaddafi was captured I remember Aljazeera saying he was surounded in a building. Then they changed it and said he was caught while trying to leave in a convoy and then they said he was caught in a sewer pipe. One man even went on record live on Aljazeera English to say that Gaddafi was sleeping in a building with his guards when some one shot him with a 9mm hand gun.

So we have a Gaddafi with 8 different bullet wounds, who was caught in 3 different places, he said “don’t shoot” and then he didn’t know what happened or who his captors were, his body guard’s head fell off, he has a golden gun and his hair is fake.

Now I’m no detective but when there are that many wildly conflicting stories, each contradicting each other, something is just not right. Remember folks this is what happened with 9/11, conflicting stories in the begin and then they settle on a final story that still doesn’t make sense. If nothing was hidden, if the truth was right in front of everyone’s eyes, why would there even be 1 conflicting story.

If you still don’t believe that something fishy is going on here’s the knock out punch, an article was released 6 days before Gaddafi’s capture and eventual death stating that the NTC were tracking Gaddafi’s whereabouts by satellite and that he was in the desert of Libya south of Sebha. By this point only 1 city in Libya was partially under pro-Gaddafi control. How did he get from the desert south of Sebha to Sirt without an encounter with NTC forces? Sirt was surrounded from all directions, NTC fighters were already controlling major parts of Sirt. How did he enter the city without getting captured? If he entered the city why was he trying to escape?

These are the questions that must be asked and the very reason that these question exist are suspicious in itself.

Gaddafi’s Timetable: Predicting The End #2

Okay, so BIG developments with Libya and mainly Tripoli. The buzz on Twitter is that all of Tripoli is free at the moment. A few rumors are floating around Twitter as well.

Supposedly, Saif Al-Gaddafi (Muammar Al-Gaddafi’s Son) has been captured and there is currently fighting around the Rixos hotel which houses Mussa Ibrahim (Libya Spokesperson) and Yousif Shakir (propaganda specialist). Reports are saying that Gaddafi’s security force has surrendered.

Now these are all just reports and rumors from Twitter by people who are Tweeting from Tripoli or within Libya. I will update to further confirm these reports.

However, something rather interesting happened as well…..Muammar Al-Gaddafi is nowhere to be seen. He has apparently disappeared. Now, while it may seem that my timetable of at least September may be wrong I still stand by it. Libya will not be safe so long as Muammar is still at large where ever he may be hiding.  I didn’t expect Tripoli to fall this fast and I was really expecting a big disastrous fight in Tripoli. The Freedom Fighters of Libya apparently took the city of 1.5 million in just 1 day.

Update: Apparently Muammar Gaddafi’s other son Muhammad has surrendered to Freedom Fighters. Also reports that Saif Al-Gaddafi had little security when he was captured – almost as if he wanted to be captured yeah? more coming.

Update #2: Saif Al-Gaddafi has not been captured, it was a hoax. His other son Muhammad was also never captured.

Update #3: October 20th 2011 – Muammar Gaddafi was captured and killed by NTC forces in Sirt. Mutassim Gaddafi was also captured and subsequently executed also in Sirt.

See Post #1: https://opinionrepublic.wordpress.com/2011/08/20/gaddafis-timetable-predicting-the-end/

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