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Libya is on Fire, Protests Fill The Streets!

Libya has all of a sudden erupted into a fiery ball of rage! Today (Feb. 17th 2011) marks the “day of rage” and a day of rage it most certainly is. Feb.17th was chosen because on that same day in 2006 what was originally protests about the Prophet Muhammad cartoons ended up being anti-Gaddafi protests.

Protests started well before Feb.17th 2011 but due to all media being banned in Libya, no one really knew. people are out on the streets all over Libya starting from Benghazi, Al-Bayda, to Zentan and the outskirts of Tripoli. Currently, no anti-Gaddafi protests are being held in Tripoli due to the pro-gaddafi people occupying the Green Square.

Muammar Gaddafi’s response? Shoot people from helicopters! Protesters in Libya are being shot at by snipers, from helicopters, and from police and revolutionary guards on the streets. It is complete pandemonium and no one really cares. Turn on any international news tv station and its Bahrain, Yemen, and Egypt non stop with a quick 30 second spot of Libya with state tv footage of pro-gaddafi protesters. Thanks that helps!

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with the  abovementioned countries and I hope the best for them. At the same time you can’t forget that Muammar Gaddafi, one of the worlds most notorious terrorists and longest running Dictator is waging war against his own people. He is clearly violating every right that a human being has and the news gives us 30 seconds of pro-gaddafi protesters. He killed people while they were praying to God and the news gives us 30 seconds of pro-gaddafi protesters. He’s hiring mercenaries from Africa, he’s releasing murderous prisoners and giving them swords, cars, money and unleashing them on the Libyans and the news gives us 30 seconds of pro-gaddafi protesters.

What kind of world is this? Someone needs to either tell me what kind of world this is or wake me up because I must be dreaming!

More news coming atcha!


Friday of Anger and Fear: The Egyptian Revolution!

teargas released in downtown Cairo

teargas released in downtown Cairo

Word on the street in Egypt is that HUGE protests are planned for Friday after Friday prayers. No one really know how many people could be out on the streets but since Tuesday there has been easily 15 to 20,000 people. So, expect Friday to very easily top that by at least double. At this point it seems that any act of violence towards the people on the part of the police, army, and Hosni’s regime could spell disaster for the rulers of Egypt. 

To get an in-depth update of everything that goes on, I recommend visiting the Guardians website at www.guardian.co.uk

They are probably the only unbiased view in this whole situation.

Til’ Friday!

hosni Mubarak torn picture

Egyptians tear a picture of leader Hosni Mubarak


Eyptian Police fire rubber bullets

Next Up! Egyptian Revolution?

Will Egypt follow in the footsteps of Tunisia?

           After 3 days of mourning for the protest victims in Tunisia many people wonder the fate of the Arab world as a whole. Protests are planned in Egypt to take place on Tuesday January 25th, they’re calling it “Revolution Day.” This could be something big for Egypt, but it could also be something horrible. It just depends on how powerful this “protest” on Tuesday is going to be. You shouldn’t expect to start a protest in a country like Egypt and not get any resistance, you WILL get resistance and lots of it. I think the biggest problem here is that if the protests don’t succeed the Egyptians will be in a worse off situation than if they never even started the protests in the first place. Mubaraks regime will just be tougher on people and try as much as humanly possible to squash any uprising in the future.

To some everything up in just a few words, the Egyptians need everything to go their way come Tuesday and it must truly be a “Revolution Day!”


The Guardian reports,

Tuesday’s demonstrations will take the form of a nationwide set of anti-Mubarak protests, dubbed “revolution day” by opposition activists who hope that Tunisia’s uprising will embolden the vast number of individuals like Shamad and persuade them that the time is right to make their voices heard.

“In every neighbourhood in the country there is a pressure point which the government is afraid of and which will be brought to the surface on Tuesday,” said Ahmed al-Gheity, 23, a doctor and one of the regional organisers of “revolution day”. On the event’s Facebook page, tens of thousands of supporters have posted comments suggesting Ben Ali’s departure could be the precursor for Mubarak’s downfall. “If Tunisia can do it, why can’t we?” read one. “We will either start living or start dying on 25 January.”


Tunisia Street Riots Today! (Pics)

Here are a few pictures to show the mood of Tunisia in the present time.

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For the most part it looks like the worst is over. Their is calm in the streets of Tunisia and people are slowly beginning to return to their daily lives. The UN estimated that at least 117 people died, including 70 killed by live fire, in five weeks of bloodshed linked to demonstrations which led to the ousting of Ben Ali.

Yesterday, as the interim cabinet held its first meeting, around 500 protestors, mostly the radical left and trade unions, took to the streets in central Tunis demanding that the ruling RCD party be excluded. But the mood in the capital was lightening. (The Guardian)

Tunisia: Protest! Riots! Change?!?!

So for those of you who don’t know what happened in the little North African country of 10 million, Tunisia, here is a super quick update.

December 2011
Street protests over unemployment and political restrictions break out and soon spread all over the country.

Clashes with police continued for the whole month of December.

January 2011

Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire after police stopped him from selling fruits on the street, which was the 26 year old students only form of income.

What was once street protests turned into all out street riots. Police began shooting protesters on sight.

Demonstrators say police killed at least 50 people in an attempt to suppress dissent.


So, here we are today. Zine Al-Abedine Ben Ali, the Dictator of Tunisia for 23 years, in exile and the his RCD party currently being picked apart with ministers quitting by the hand full. Currently the once deadly streets of Tunisia are now quieting down, the most resent protest was held today. People are beginning to go back to their everyday lives. There are now reports of mysterious masked snipers on the roof tops shooting at civilians (see one of the videos below).

 We went from protests to all out riots but will the people of Tunisia ever get the change they so passionately desire? We have yet to find out. Meanwhile, take a look at some heart warming riot footage courtesy of YouTube.

Here is an early look at the protests from December 26th 2010

January 11th 2011

January 11th 2011

January 17th 2011 (snipers firing on a defenseless crowd of civilians

January 17th 2011

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