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My 300th Post, on record

well, this is my 300th post. A milestone if you ask me, so I didn’t want to just post anything. I wanted to post something that would document this 300th post.

Here it is,

This is my 300th post! Woooo!

My apology to Barack Obama!

Hi folks, it’s been awhile.


Since I am the most famous person in the world I feel obligated to comment on a previous post, that I regret to say, was false. 


The post “Why I think the 2008 election will be rigged” explained vividly we I thought that the 2008 election would be rigged by the government in John Mccains favor. 

Unfortunately, as rarely as it comes, I was wrong –obviously. Barrack Obama won the election and it was not rigged, at least I don’t think it was. So, to conclude I offer this apology to barrack Obama, John Mccain, the United States Government, I also offer an apology to the Somali Pirates–yeah we had some rifts in the passed, me and the Somali Pirates.

I would also like to apologize to any distraught readers who I may have angered. It is my job after all — to anger you and make your day miserable. One more think, I want to thank the United States government for providing freedom of speech for free, because with out that wonderful service I, or any other American, could not have expressed the way we felt or feel about anything.

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