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Gaddafi’s Timetable: Predicting The End #3

Just wanted to add to the previous posts in terms of what I have learned so far. We have a few “weird” events that took place in Tripoli. So, lets just recap the whole situation. We have a man and his sons, this man is the brutal dictator of Libya. He started a war against his own people, he called them “rats.” He gave them Benghazi, a bunch of rusty old soviet-era weaponry and said “Fight!”

This man said he will never surrender, he will live and die in his country (Libya). His son said he will live and die in this country. This man said he was in the capital city Tripoli. He said come and get me if you’re feeling strong, not his exact words but….you know. He had followers in this city, people to do as he wished, gathering at the “Green Square” every night to “celebrate” this man’s 42 year rule. he told then to dance, to dance and sing. He gave them weapons and he taught them how to use these weapons. He said when the rats come we’ll kill them.

The rats were on their way and they had help. NATO signed up for the noble cause and by being the “eagle” in the sky they helped the rats get closer.  This man was a talkative man, he often gave speeches to his loyal followers. In these speeches he called the rats “al-Qaeda terrorists” and he called NATO the “crusaders.” So, the al-Qaeda crusader terrorist rats marched on to Tripoli unphased by this mans seemingly nonsensical ramblings.

As the war went on the rats became Lions and Tigers, Fighters of Freedom, Defenders of the Oppressed.

Were they perfect? Heck no, but who is?

Did they know how to fight? Heck no, but who does?

After months of fighting and night after night of commanding his dear followers to dance and sing, the man stopped showing his face. He addressed his dear loyal followers by audio only. Nevertheless, his loyal followers didn’t care to question this, they continued on dancing and singing. As this man dared the Freedom Fighters to come to Tripoli, the Lions of Misrata and the Tigers of Jabil Nafusa were well on their way. When the people of Tripoli rose up from the from the prison city they lived in and broke the shackles that this man had put on them, a mighty uprising it was indeed.

By now all of Libya was against this man, all of Libya was free. However, something interesting happened. After 6 months of taunting and daring the rats to come to Tripoli, this man was nowhere to be seen. His dear loyal followers vanished, and the man disappeared into thin air only his old coarse voice can be heard urging his loyal followers to fight the rats that had taken over Tripoli. By now these weren’t rats in Tripoli these were people, not a violent people but a kind people. These were people in Tripoli that never wanted to fight but they had no choice.


This man is Muammar Al-Gaddafi, he hasn’t shown his face in months, only releasing audio messages. His followers just vanished in Tripoli and now Gaddafi regime spokesman, Musa Ibrahim, says they have enough people to fight back for months or even years. Where did they get these people from? Are they the followers in Tripoli? Were they evacuated before the uprising? Where is Muammar Al-Gaddafi? Why are his sons still in Tripoli but Muammar won’t show his face and can’t be found? So many questions and even more questions have emerged with the Tripoli uprising. One fact remains evident, 8/23/11. Does this date look familiar? This is the date that Freedom Fighters in Tripoli stormed Muammar Gaddafi’s compound. 8+23+11=42 Muammar Al-Gaddafi has been in power for 42 years. Coincidence? perhaps but not likely this is not his birthday or something this is a seemingly random date. They could have stormed his compound at anytime. They were fighting in Tripoli for 3 days.



Iraqi Journalist throws shoe at “shoe thrower”

Remember the world heroe, Muntazer al-Zaidi, the reporter that threw his shoes at Mr.George W. Bush? Well, he was recently in Paris and during a press conference some Iraqi guy threw his shoe at Muntazer. This cool dude in a suit comes up and socks him one in the face and then another before he is pulled away and then he was basically on his own, he didn’t get arrested I assume.

Anyway, here is the video. As to the validity of this one, I think its real. The Al-Zaidi shoe throwing incident has too many kinks for me to call it legitimate, I think that one was just for publicity. This one is for realzzz!

Bushes earned $923,807 last year, Cheneys made $3 million

The federal tax bill for President Bush and his wife: $221,635. That’s how much the Bushes owed on their adjusted gross income of $923,807 for the year 2007, according to a joint return released Friday. The Bushes have paid $203,894 so far, which means they’ll need to break out the checkbook — they owe the government $17,741. – Yahoo News

It kinda makes me sick that the President can owe money to the Government and pay it when ever he wants, but if I owed the Government $17,741, wasn’t rich or Jewish, then they would be after me like crazy.

Their income total includes a $150,000 advance received by Laura Bush for the children’s book she co-authored with her daughter, Jenna. Bush’s salary as president is about $400,000. – Yahoo News

Ok, now for the disturbing part.

The White House also reported that Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne, had an adjusted gross income of $3.04 million in 2007.

The Cheneys owed $602,651 in federal taxes on that income. They have paid $466,165 through withholdings and estimated tax payments, and will pay the remaining $136,486 upon filing their tax return. – Yahoo News

I’ve never, ever, ever seen a “VICE” President make more (let alone $3.04 million) money than a President. No wonder Dick Cheney is nowhere to be found, that idiot is out making money while all of us Americans are stuck with no jobs, high gas prices, and an economy so bad that even Canada is laughing at us. Thanks a lot Dick, thanks so much your a real benefit to society, your Halliburton oil, money hungry, company in Suadi Arabia, Iraq, and Libya are really benefiting society.

The vice president’s salary is about $212,000.

The Cheneys owed $602,651 in federal taxes on that income. They have paid $466,165 through withholdings and estimated tax payments, and will pay the remaining $136,486 upon filing their tax return. – Yahoo News

Why I Think The 2008 Election Will be Rigged!

*Updated Version* Written sept 23, 2008

Okay, I updated this to reflect the current time, Mr.Bush had “hot dogs” with McCain along time ago. Anyway, I think it is all apparent that the election WILL be rigged this time around(just see the comments). I think the question is why.

Why? you ask….Why will the election be rigged? I think I need not say much. Oil, war, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Terrorism.

These words are all that should utter from my keyboard and you shall immediately perceive my conception. It’s very simple any human being (republicans excluded of course) can see that if Barrack obama is president all or most of the top will be gone. Everything that republicans worked for, lied for, cheated, falsified. All of it will be gone years of work, trillions spent. They spend tens of billions of dollars a month on stupid nonsense wars, do you honestly think that they will not spend a dime in rigging the election?

The past two elections were rigged, the first one with Al Gore — A problem with the voting in Florida. The second with John Kerry, a problem with the voting in Ohio. Never in the history of ever did two elections in a row turn out to have some sort of problem with the votes. If that happens this year I will go crazy. Mark my words, “Barrack Obama will not become president of these United States of America do to a lurid rigging of the elections. It is absolutely farcical that they can do such a thing not once, but twice and now attempt to do it again.

This one is for you Mr.Mcain, you will never win. The American people are smarter, they will figure out and when your fatuous, foolish, half-witted, harebrained, idiotic, imbecilic, inane, jerky, moronic, nonsensical, stupid, unwise, weak-minded, witless, balmy, cockeyed, appalling, atrocious, awful, plans unravel in the perspicacious eyes of the American people and the world–you’ll get what’s coming.

Yet, the most disturbing part of this whole predictable scenario is that Palin will be the president not Mr.McCain and I think you all know what I mean by that. Sarah Palin is the most inexperienced utterly despicable excuse for a vice president I have ever seen. She walks up on stage says a few stupid jokes that aren’t even funny and all of a sudden everyone is buying her glasses. This is a serious time and if she wants to be a comedian then she should go on youtube where all the shoddy comedians go.

Original article (bellow) written March 27, 2008

So, why do I think the 2008 election will be rigged in John McCains favor? Well, right now their are three strong reasons why I think it will definitely be rigged.

1) George W. Bush endorses John McCain. [and we all know what happened when George W. Bush cheated, even the Canadians were surprised that we picked Bush again, but guess what…..We didn’t pick him!]

2) George W. Bush invited him for “Hot Dogs” at the White House. [What people don’t know is that Bush inviting McCain over for “Hot Dogs” really means lets talk about how your going to cheat to win the election so me and Dick Cheney can pass commands through you so we can get what we want.]

3) ” McCain meets Brown in Downing St” this is a headline, from BBC. John McCain visited the UK Prime Minister to talk about Iraq and stuff. [Whats the point of talking to the Prime Minister about the Iraq war if your not even sure your going to win the elections? Exactly! He knows darn well that he already won the elections in 2008 and George W. Cheat…..I mean George W. Bush reassured him of that. Mark my words JOHN MCCAIN WILL WIN THE 2008 ELECTION IN NOVEMBER.

Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton are just waisting their time. They should just quit and give it to him now.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like McCain I am simply telling the truth through past experience.

Giuliani to exit presidential race!!!

Here it is read it and weep.


This is a historical day, you know I don’t feel that bad about Edwards leaving now that Rudy’s outta here. The bad part, he’s endorsing McCain which means he could become vice prez. It really came as a shock to me that Rudy quit. Wanna no what I think? He raised a bunch of money to run for prez, now he pocketed the cash and split. He’s gonna give some to Mitt Romney so Romney can win. The next 8 years are down the drain for us and America. If I were everyone I would slowly start packing my bags because at the rate this is going Nukes from Russia, Iran, and China will be flyin at us soon. Get ready to leave….or flee. The way I see it corporate pigs are running America not the president. Credit card companies are running America, telling you to buy this and buy that. Why d you think Bush is giving everyone the tax stimulus in June and saying you have to spend it. Does Disneyland ring a bell, does vacation ring a bell, does spending a lot of money ring a bell? These are the people….or companies that run America: Credit Card companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Oil companies, and Disney(actually I just threw disney in there cuz I hate them). Anyway, this is not right; all of these “corporate pigs” need to stop running America. Everything to them is money, money, money. They don’ care about the climate, they don’t care about war, they don’t care about poverty, disease, crime. They’ll die before climate change takes full effect, they can get away from war, they’re too rich to care about poverty, disease, and crime. If Mitt Romney is elected as president – which I think is gonna happen – then this stuff and more is gonna continue and get worse until someone does something about it. They cheated two times with Bush, they can cheat again with Romney. They have to much power now, republicans and corporate pigs, they work together and they just care about money and oil…which brings them money. How did I get from talking about Rudy Giuliani to talking about corporate pigs and how Mitt Romney is gonna cheat in the election like Bush did?

Lets here what everyone has to say about this good news(for me atleast) 🙂

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