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Beware of Haiti Donation Scam!!!

Word on the street is that scammers (probably from Nigeria) are sending emails to everyone and scamming them out of hundreds of dollars. They are using the disaster in Haiti to do it! Now since the mass media is too busy to warn people about this (they’re not), I’ve taken up responsibility.

Please folks, if you get an email asking for your donation to Haiti…. Please just don’t do it. Actually I wouldn’t recommend donating through the American government either cuz quite frankly, Haiti won’t smell your money.

Do you honestly think that Mr.Bush’s dad and Mr.Clinton will just stare at 52 million dollars and not at least put a few million in their pockets. An article on Yahoo.com stated that due to corruption lot’s of the 60 or so million dollars will not reach desperate haitians. Thanks for telling us now Yahoo!

So where can I donate my money to ensure that it reaches Haiti? Religious organizations, they are usually solid. Any religious organization regardless of faith, as long as they don’t turn around and give it to Bush.


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