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John Biden vs. Sarah palin, Preparing for the debate!!!

       For those eb50dcdd54f44cb6a73e9ec3a4afaace.jpgof you that missed the First Presidential debate on Friday Sept 26, don’t worry because it doesn’t matter. The Presidential debate this election will be less that the center of attention. It all comes down to the veeps’. 


Let’s be honest, how long is John McCain going to last? Sarah palin is running for president posing as a vice president and john mccain is just waisting every ones time. I say please don’t miss the Biden/Palin debate, cuz that’s the real deal. We all now that after that show that Obama put on for us in the first debate, we will undoubtedly mop the floor with Mr.Mccain. 


The real question is what will Biden do to Palin? Honestly I think the proper match up would be Biden/Mccain and Obama/Palin. Why do I think this, Because Obama is quick to defend attacks and to expose the lies of the republicans.  Mccain is too slow, Obama is too fast, Biden is kinda somewhere in the middle, and palin is fast too….I think I haven’t even seen here debate, from what I’ve heard she is “good”. 

The most scariest part of this whole nightmare is the rumors…er … the facts that palin is a copy of mr.cheney. 


First 2008 Presidential Debate (Full Video), McCain vs. Obama

Here is the full video of the First 2008 Presidential debate. Courtesy of C-Span.


Obam Wins 10 Straight, Clinton looks to Ohio, Texas!!!

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Texas and Ohio: Two states, two debates, one chance for Hillary Rodham Clinton to save her moribund candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The former first lady suffered another bruising night Tuesday, badly losing the Wisconsin primary and the Hawaii caucuses to Barack Obama. The Illinois senator has now crushed Clinton in 10 straight contests, amassing a growing delegate lead and building support among women and white working class voters who have long formed the core of Clinton’s candidacy. – Yahoo News

That really hurts. I really think Hillary is done for. She won’t be able to recover from this momentum that Obama seems to hold on to. Its really taking its toll. I don’t expect here to quit anytime soon, but I don’t think she will ever get back to leading.  

“Clinton aides have tried gamely for weeks to downplay her chances in Wisconsin and shift focus to Ohio and Texas, two large, delegate-rich states holding primaries March 4. Texas offers a large population of Hispanic voters who have so far rallied to her candidacy, while Ohio is home to millions of blue collar Democrats her strategists believe are receptive to her populist economic pitch.

The New York senator is also banking on a strong showing in two nationally televised debates, hoping to remind voters of her detailed mastery of issues.”  – Yahoo News

Like I said before, Obama might have trouble in Texas, but he’ll get Ohio with flying colors. We’ll see what happens. 

Hillary Clinton is honestly hanging by a thread. You can’t just keep cherry picking states,” South said. “Momentum is overused more than any other word in campaigns, but there is a momentum factor. And at the moment she doesn’t have it.” Clinton’s top advisers in Ohio and Texas nonetheless gave an upbeat assessment Tuesday, telling reporters the outcome in Wisconsin would have little bearing on her chances in the two states.

“Texas is one of those great independent states,” state director Ace Smith said, while Ohio director Robby Mook added, “I don’t think Ohio voters are worried about the horse race.” – Yahoo News

But strategists say a win or even a close showing in Wisconsin could have been a game changer for Clinton — a chance to slow Obama’s momentum in a place that seemed tailor-made to her strengths. While the state is home to many of the college-educated Democrats who have typically favored Obama, it also has a large population of elderly and blue collar voters who have formed the core of Clinton’s base. – Yahoo News

Exit polls in the state indicate that base is eroding, with Obama making significant inroads among less educated voters, whites and women while maintaining strength among younger, better educated voters and blacks. Only elderly white voters stuck with Clinton. – Yahoo News

Okay, here’s the good part. 

Obama spent most of last week in Wisconsin, generating days of TV news and front page headlines. He also advertised heavily there on television.

Clinton stayed away until Saturday but ran her first negative television ads in the state, ripping the Illinois senator for refusing to debate her there. – Yahoo News

Ha ha ha ha, negative television ads? I love those. I don’t even care about who wins, I just want to see the negative ads.  

What do you think of this?

Edwards to quit presidential race!!!!!!

Here’s the article,


Wow, what a blow to me and every else that wanted John Edwards to win. If anyone recalled in my first politics post I said that John Edwards is the only candidate I would want to be president. I really don’t know what to say at the moment. I don’t like Obama and Hillary because like I said they fight like 2nd graders. I think in the next debate fists might fly between them….I really do.

Well, I’m going to leave it at that, “Edwards to quit presidential race!!!!!!”  What do you have to say? 🙂

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