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Over 37,000 Scientists Sign On Against Man-Made Global Warming Fraud!

Yes, folks you heard it right! 37,000 scientists signed a petition against man-made global warming. To put it in simpler terms that you brainwashed Fox News minions can understand, 37,000 scientists are saying that global warming is fake, a scam, a hoax!

From the Digital Journal:

The truth is very different. Most of the media articles you will see refer to reports issued by the IPCC. The IPCC is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change, a political body appointed by the UN. Many of the 3,000 members of this panel are not scientists, but simply political appointees. The few real scientists on the panel have disputed the panel’s findings but have been silenced by having their comments deleted from the reports. Several of these scientists have asked to have their names removed from the IPCC report, but have had their requests denied. Several have actually sued the panel to have their names removed, but few have been successful. The actual fact regarding consensus on this issue is that there are many more scientists who dispute the claims regarding global warming than there are who support them. The IPCC reports rely on a particular computer model which projects temperature changes due to “positive feedback” reactions in the atmosphere. The IPCC report claims that as CO2 levels rise, temperatures will also rise causing more water to be evaporated into the air. Since water vapor is by far the leading greenhouse gas, increased water vapor is supposed to accelerate the global warming process in a runaway feedback loop. The actual scientific data, however, do no support the positive feedback model. The basic methodology used by the IPCC cannot be supported by actual data so the panel relies on the news media to filter the news that reaches the public….

I know what you are thinking, “Who is this joker telling me that global warming is a hoax?” Well, the truth is that this is fact and not just my opinion.

You can get the Global Warming Review

Global Warming Review PDF- 1 MB

Benjamin Franklin said “Those who will sacrifice essential liberty for the promise of safety deserve neither liberty nor safety, and neither is what they will have.”


Why I Think The 2008 Election Will be Rigged!

*Updated Version* Written sept 23, 2008

Okay, I updated this to reflect the current time, Mr.Bush had “hot dogs” with McCain along time ago. Anyway, I think it is all apparent that the election WILL be rigged this time around(just see the comments). I think the question is why.

Why? you ask….Why will the election be rigged? I think I need not say much. Oil, war, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Terrorism.

These words are all that should utter from my keyboard and you shall immediately perceive my conception. It’s very simple any human being (republicans excluded of course) can see that if Barrack obama is president all or most of the top will be gone. Everything that republicans worked for, lied for, cheated, falsified. All of it will be gone years of work, trillions spent. They spend tens of billions of dollars a month on stupid nonsense wars, do you honestly think that they will not spend a dime in rigging the election?

The past two elections were rigged, the first one with Al Gore — A problem with the voting in Florida. The second with John Kerry, a problem with the voting in Ohio. Never in the history of ever did two elections in a row turn out to have some sort of problem with the votes. If that happens this year I will go crazy. Mark my words, “Barrack Obama will not become president of these United States of America do to a lurid rigging of the elections. It is absolutely farcical that they can do such a thing not once, but twice and now attempt to do it again.

This one is for you Mr.Mcain, you will never win. The American people are smarter, they will figure out and when your fatuous, foolish, half-witted, harebrained, idiotic, imbecilic, inane, jerky, moronic, nonsensical, stupid, unwise, weak-minded, witless, balmy, cockeyed, appalling, atrocious, awful, plans unravel in the perspicacious eyes of the American people and the world–you’ll get what’s coming.

Yet, the most disturbing part of this whole predictable scenario is that Palin will be the president not Mr.McCain and I think you all know what I mean by that. Sarah Palin is the most inexperienced utterly despicable excuse for a vice president I have ever seen. She walks up on stage says a few stupid jokes that aren’t even funny and all of a sudden everyone is buying her glasses. This is a serious time and if she wants to be a comedian then she should go on youtube where all the shoddy comedians go.

Original article (bellow) written March 27, 2008

So, why do I think the 2008 election will be rigged in John McCains favor? Well, right now their are three strong reasons why I think it will definitely be rigged.

1) George W. Bush endorses John McCain. [and we all know what happened when George W. Bush cheated, even the Canadians were surprised that we picked Bush again, but guess what…..We didn’t pick him!]

2) George W. Bush invited him for “Hot Dogs” at the White House. [What people don’t know is that Bush inviting McCain over for “Hot Dogs” really means lets talk about how your going to cheat to win the election so me and Dick Cheney can pass commands through you so we can get what we want.]

3) ” McCain meets Brown in Downing St” this is a headline, from BBC. John McCain visited the UK Prime Minister to talk about Iraq and stuff. [Whats the point of talking to the Prime Minister about the Iraq war if your not even sure your going to win the elections? Exactly! He knows darn well that he already won the elections in 2008 and George W. Cheat…..I mean George W. Bush reassured him of that. Mark my words JOHN MCCAIN WILL WIN THE 2008 ELECTION IN NOVEMBER.

Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton are just waisting their time. They should just quit and give it to him now.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like McCain I am simply telling the truth through past experience.

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