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Over 37,000 Scientists Sign On Against Man-Made Global Warming Fraud!

Yes, folks you heard it right! 37,000 scientists signed a petition against man-made global warming. To put it in simpler terms that you brainwashed Fox News minions can understand, 37,000 scientists are saying that global warming is fake, a scam, a hoax!

From the Digital Journal:

The truth is very different. Most of the media articles you will see refer to reports issued by the IPCC. The IPCC is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change, a political body appointed by the UN. Many of the 3,000 members of this panel are not scientists, but simply political appointees. The few real scientists on the panel have disputed the panel’s findings but have been silenced by having their comments deleted from the reports. Several of these scientists have asked to have their names removed from the IPCC report, but have had their requests denied. Several have actually sued the panel to have their names removed, but few have been successful. The actual fact regarding consensus on this issue is that there are many more scientists who dispute the claims regarding global warming than there are who support them. The IPCC reports rely on a particular computer model which projects temperature changes due to “positive feedback” reactions in the atmosphere. The IPCC report claims that as CO2 levels rise, temperatures will also rise causing more water to be evaporated into the air. Since water vapor is by far the leading greenhouse gas, increased water vapor is supposed to accelerate the global warming process in a runaway feedback loop. The actual scientific data, however, do no support the positive feedback model. The basic methodology used by the IPCC cannot be supported by actual data so the panel relies on the news media to filter the news that reaches the public….

I know what you are thinking, “Who is this joker telling me that global warming is a hoax?” Well, the truth is that this is fact and not just my opinion.

You can get the Global Warming Review

Global Warming Review PDF- 1 MB

Benjamin Franklin said “Those who will sacrifice essential liberty for the promise of safety deserve neither liberty nor safety, and neither is what they will have.”

Windows 7 details galore: interface tweaks, netbook builds, Media Center enhancements

The following article was taken from engadget.com

Microsoft’s Windows 7 announcement earlier today was followed up by an extensive demo of the new features during the PDC keynote, and since then even more info about the new OS has flooded out, so we thought we’d try to wrap up some of the more important bits here for you. Microsoft seems to have done an impressive job at this early pre-beta stage, folding in next-gen interface ideas like multitouch into the same OS that apparently runs fine on a 1GHz netbook with 1GB of RAM, but we’ll see how development goes — there’s still a ways to go. Some notes:

  • Obviously, the big news is the new taskbar, which forgoes text for icons and has new “jump lists” of app controls and options you can access with a right-click. You can select playlists in Media Player, for example. Super cool: when you scrub over the icons, all the other app windows go transparent so you can “peek” at the windows you’re pointing at.
  • Gadgets now appear on the desktop — the sidebar has been killed. That makes more sense for all those laptop owners out there with limited screen space, and you can still see gadgets anytime by peeking at the desktop, rendering all other windows transparent.
  • Window resizing and management now happens semi-automatically: dragging a window to the top of the screen maximizes it, pulling it down restores; dragging a window to the edges auto-resizes it to 50% for quick tiling. Nifty.
  • The system tray now only displays what you explicitly say it should — everything else is hidden, and the controls have been streamlined.
  • User Account Control settings are now much more fine-grained — you can set them by app and by level of access.
  • They demoed multitouch features on an HP TouchSmart PC — it was pretty cool, although the usual nagging “what is this good for / that’ll get old fast” concerns weren’t really addressed. The Start menu gets 25 percent bigger when using touch to make it easier to handle, and apps will all get scroll support automatically. There’s also a giant on-screen predictive keyboard. Again — could be amazing, but we won’t know until it’s out in the wild.
  • We’ve always known Microsoft intends Windows 7 to run on netbooks, and we got a small taste during the PDC keynote: Windows SVP Steve Sinofsky held up his “personal” laptop running Windows 7, an unnamed 1GHz netbook with 1GB of RAM that looked a lot like an Eee PC, and said that it still had about half its memory free after boot. (We’re guessing it was running a VIA Nano, since most Atoms run at 1.6GHz.)
  • At the other end of the scale, Windows 7 supports machines with up to 256 CPUs.
  • Multiple-monitor management is much-improved, as is setting up projectors — it’s a hotkey away. Remote Desktop now works with multiple monitors as well.
  • Media Center has been tweaked as well — it looks a lot more like the Zune interface. There’s also a new Mini Guide when watching video, and a new Music Wall album artwork screensaver that kicks in when you’re playing music.
  • Devs got a pre-beta today; a “pretty good” feature complete beta is due early next year. No word at all on when it’ll be released to market apart from that “three years from Vista” date we’ve known forever.

Hit the following links for more details on this shockingly good day!!!
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Microsoft details pre-beta release of Windows 7

Microsoft revealed it pre-beta release of Windows 7 to develepers at the Professional Developers Conference. For the first time Microsoft also revealed the web applications which include “lightweight versions of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote that are used from within standard web browsers.” Ray Ozzie, chief software architect at Microsoft says, it’s aiming to bring “the best of the web to Windows, and the best of Windows to the web.”

Don’t forget the improved navigation, a new taskbar (preview shown), support for multi-touch gestures, Device Stage and enhanced AV integration.

You can read the full press release in all its Redmond glory here.

Microsoft sues DHL over Xbox train derailment

Microsoft is suing U.S.-based cargo-delivery service DHL Express for allegedly losing 21,600 Xbox game consoles because of a train derailment in Texas, according to court documents.

In a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington in Seattle, Microsoft said it is seeking more than US$2 million in damages from DHL for two containers of Xbox consoles that sustained “impact damage, wetting, pilfering and shortage” after a derailment near Duke, Texas.

The Xboxes were en route from a Microsoft office in McAllen, Texas, to Long Beach, California, for eventual delivery to Hong Kong at the time of the loss, which occurred on Oct. 13, 2007, according to court papers. Flextronics Industrial in Hong Kong was the intended recipient.

Microsoft claims that DHL has refused to compensate it for the loss, even though the delivery service “negligently breached its duties as a common carrier, handler, bailee, warehouseman, agent, or in other capabilities,” according to the court papers.

DHL could not be reached for comment Friday.

Microsoft’s Xbox game consoles also were the center of a recent controversy in Colorado, where a man was indicted on Sept. 23 for illegally reselling both Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation consoles, and returning inoperable consoles to retail and online outlets for money as if he had purchased them legally.

According to the U.S. State Attorney’s Office in the District of Colorado, 27-year-old Yewchoo Ng of Boulder purchased the consoles at Target, Amazon.com, Buy.com, Best Buy, Circuit City, Sears and Wal-mart using several credit cards. He took the consoles out of the boxes, removed the serial numbers, put those numbers on older, inoperable consoles, and returned those consoles to the retail outlets, according to the state attorney’s office.

The retail and online outlets lost $182,001 as a result of the scam, the office said. Ng also sold the new consoles online via e-Bay and other auction and shopping sites for his own personal profit.

article form PC World.

ummmm….Why is it that when I sell a PS3 and it gets lost and UPS doesn’t want to give me my money even though I put insurance on it, I can’t do anything. When the same thing happens to Microsoft they just sue them for a million dollars. that’s corporate America for you.

I don’t care how much gasoline costs in Denmark!!!!!

This post is specifically for Yahoo, MSN, and probably Dick Cheney.

Can you please…..please…..PLEASE stop telling people that Americans have it easy because gas is $20 a gallon in Denmark! First of all I don’t care and second of all your tricking the poor American people simply because they lack the knowledge of other countries because they don’t travel any where besides the Bahamas.

I have been to England, Scotland, and Ireland and they go by liters. In 2004 the gas or diesel costs, like, £1 a liter…..that’s £4 a gallon!

If you want to act like Yahoo and switch the currency that would be $8 a gallon. Expensive right? Wrong!!!

Yahoo and MSN forgot the cost of living and the fact that people that live in Great Britain actually do live there, so their is no need to convert the currency to make it sound more than it really is. In America the average family would probably spend over $100 (or more like $150 – $200 with the economy) on food in a week or so. How do I, as an American, know that that is the same in Great Britain, Germany, Denmark or any other small European country. What if they spend €50 or €75 then $20 for gasoline would be cheap right, simply because they have money to spare and the gas prices don’t sky rocket when a dictator in Africa kills someone.

We have to understand that every country has its own economy, its own standard or living or way of life. We can’t just convert currencies and start saying you have it easier than me and I have it easier than you. We need to look to our selves or in this case the president.

Besides, this is like the 5th time I’ve seen an article about the gas prices in other countries on MSN or Yahoo and I didn’t even count how many times they slipped that in on the news. What gives?

Bushes earned $923,807 last year, Cheneys made $3 million

The federal tax bill for President Bush and his wife: $221,635. That’s how much the Bushes owed on their adjusted gross income of $923,807 for the year 2007, according to a joint return released Friday. The Bushes have paid $203,894 so far, which means they’ll need to break out the checkbook — they owe the government $17,741. – Yahoo News

It kinda makes me sick that the President can owe money to the Government and pay it when ever he wants, but if I owed the Government $17,741, wasn’t rich or Jewish, then they would be after me like crazy.

Their income total includes a $150,000 advance received by Laura Bush for the children’s book she co-authored with her daughter, Jenna. Bush’s salary as president is about $400,000. – Yahoo News

Ok, now for the disturbing part.

The White House also reported that Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne, had an adjusted gross income of $3.04 million in 2007.

The Cheneys owed $602,651 in federal taxes on that income. They have paid $466,165 through withholdings and estimated tax payments, and will pay the remaining $136,486 upon filing their tax return. – Yahoo News

I’ve never, ever, ever seen a “VICE” President make more (let alone $3.04 million) money than a President. No wonder Dick Cheney is nowhere to be found, that idiot is out making money while all of us Americans are stuck with no jobs, high gas prices, and an economy so bad that even Canada is laughing at us. Thanks a lot Dick, thanks so much your a real benefit to society, your Halliburton oil, money hungry, company in Suadi Arabia, Iraq, and Libya are really benefiting society.

The vice president’s salary is about $212,000.

The Cheneys owed $602,651 in federal taxes on that income. They have paid $466,165 through withholdings and estimated tax payments, and will pay the remaining $136,486 upon filing their tax return. – Yahoo News

Are Yahoo and AOL going to merge?

Yahoo Inc.‘s last-ditch efforts to avoid a takeover by Microsoft Corp. appear to be setting the stage for a dramatic finale featuring a rich cast of Internet and media stars. – Yahoo News

Wow, this whole Yahoo thing has come very far. Shame on Microsoft for doing what they are doing, you can’t force someone to sell you something. I’m pretty sure Yahoo got mad, that’s why they are exploring other options. Although AOL and Yahoo have been on the decline (especially AOL) I think if they merge it would probably boost them up.

Eager to frustrate Microsoft in any way possible, Internet search leader Google Inc. has already agreed to help out Yahoo by participating in an unusual test that will gauge how much more advertising Google can sell for its struggling rival. – Yahoo News

Ha ha, good job Google. Its nice to see people stand up to corporate giants, like Microsoft, who want to control everything and assert themselves into a market that they are not doing to well in.

#2 – Was That On YouTube — Mythbusters Tory flips with bike!

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Hi, everyone….. a friend of mine has a new blog — www.5millionpageviews.com. He’s trying to get 5 million page views, Although I’m not quit sure why. Anyway, he will have some interesting stuff….I hope and it would be awesome if everyone would join the quest…..the quest for 5 million page views. I’ve also given him my “Was that on YouTube?” segment so you can now see that on www.5millionpageviews.com as well as my blog….err…this blog.

So, check the site out, bookmark it, tell everyone about it, look at it 1 million times, and don’t forget to have a good day!!  🙂

EU fines Microsoft record $1.3 billion

BRUSSELS, Belgium – The European Union fined Microsoft Corp. a record $1.3 billion Wednesday for the amount it charges rivals for software information. – Yahoo News

EU regulators said the company charged “unreasonable prices” until last October to software developers who wanted to make products compatible with the Windows desktop operating system.

The fine is the largest ever for a single company and brings to just under $2.5 billion the amount the EU has demanded Microsoft pay in a long-running antitrust dispute. – Yahoo News

I’m pretty sure they deserved this, Microsoft does a lot of stupid things and trying to take out competition is nothing new. 

Microsoft immediately said the issues for which it was fined have been resolved and the company was making its products more open.

The fine comes less that a week after Microsoft said it would share more information about its products and technology in an effort to make it work better with rivals’ software and meet the demands of antitrust regulators in Europe.

But EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes remained skeptical and said Microsoft was under investigation in two additional cases.

“Talk is cheap,” Kroes said. “Flouting the rules is expensive.” – Yahoo News

Microsoft seems to be having trouble in the EU, maybe its because the EU isn’t run corporately.  

Microsoft’s actions have stifled innovation and affected millions of people around the world, Kroes said. She called the record 899 million euro fine “a reasonable response to a series of quite unreasonable actions.”

“We could have gone as high as 1.5 billion euros ($2.23 billion),” she said. “The maximum amount is higher than what we did at the end of the day.”

Microsoft fought hard against a March 2004 decision that led to a 497 million euro ($613 million) fine and an order that the software maker share interoperability information with rivals within 120 days. The company lost its appeal in that case in September. Microsoft was fined $357 million in July 2006 for failing to obey that order. The EU alleged that Microsoft withheld crucial interoperability information for desktop PC software — where it is the world’s leading supplier — in an effort squeeze into a new market and damage rivals.

The company delayed compliance for three years, the EU said, only making changes in October to the patent licenses for companies that need data to create software that works with Microsoft.

Microsoft had initially set a royalty rate of 3.87 percent of a licensee’s product revenues for patents and demanded that companies looking for communication information — which it said was highly secret — pay 2.98 percent of their products’ revenues. The EU complained last March that the rates were unfair. Under threat of fines, Microsoft two months later reduced the patent rate to 0.7 percent and the information license to 0.5 percent — but only in Europe, leaving the worldwide rates unchanged.

The EU’s Court of First Instance ruling that upheld regulators’ views changed the company’s mind again in October when it offered a new license for interoperability information for a flat fee of 10,000 euros ($14,900) and an optional worldwide patent license for a reduced royalty of 0.4 percent.

Congratulations Microsoft you just successfully threw $1.3 Billion dollars in the garbage. Thanks a lot…. You could have at least gave, like, 2 or 3 million to me….. 

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