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Indefinite Detention and Torture Act – The American Dictatorship

I’m going to keep this simple because I want you to be able  to formulate your own opinions and give you time to take this all in. It’s no use if I just ramble along as usual. There is something floating around called National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 or for short NDAA FY2012, sounds innocent, yeah? Well think again, in reality this is the Indefinite Detention and Torture Act about to be signed and passed by Barack Obama NOW. This thing flew by the House and Senate without even a double take and is now being signed by our “president”.

The bill is updated annually to outline spending for the Department of Defense. Any American that is a “suspected terrorist” can be detained in prison indefinitely and subjected to torture tactics previously outlawed.

“What this legislation does,” lectured Senator Karl Levin earlier this month, “says from the Congress’ point-of-view, that we expressly authorize the indefinite detention” of someone deemed a threat. “We recognize the authority of this president and every other president to hold an enemy combatant indefinitely, whether they are captured home or abroad, because that only makes sense.”

The problem is that there is a difference between an enemy combatant and a United States Citizen, unless you are trying to say that US citizens are the enemy? An enemy combatant, during a time of war, can be held indefinitely but a citizen of this country must go through the process of the Justice system which isn’t very good mind you. When asked, “How long can you hold them?” Senator Lindsey Graham responded “As long as it takes to make us safe.”

The senator added that, “when you join the enemy…we aren’t worried about how we’re going to prosecute you right away.”

Therefore, under this Act the Miranda rights will not be read to you and you will not be able to get an attorney…..good luck. Make sure you get Barack Obama what he wanted for Christmas because under this act he also has the right to send American-born citizens to other countries to be detained and tortured….don’t get him mad.

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