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Libya is on Fire, Protests Fill The Streets!

Libya has all of a sudden erupted into a fiery ball of rage! Today (Feb. 17th 2011) marks the “day of rage” and a day of rage it most certainly is. Feb.17th was chosen because on that same day in 2006 what was originally protests about the Prophet Muhammad cartoons ended up being anti-Gaddafi protests.

Protests started well before Feb.17th 2011 but due to all media being banned in Libya, no one really knew. people are out on the streets all over Libya starting from Benghazi, Al-Bayda, to Zentan and the outskirts of Tripoli. Currently, no anti-Gaddafi protests are being held in Tripoli due to the pro-gaddafi people occupying the Green Square.

Muammar Gaddafi’s response? Shoot people from helicopters! Protesters in Libya are being shot at by snipers, from helicopters, and from police and revolutionary guards on the streets. It is complete pandemonium and no one really cares. Turn on any international news tv station and its Bahrain, Yemen, and Egypt non stop with a quick 30 second spot of Libya with state tv footage of pro-gaddafi protesters. Thanks that helps!

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with the  abovementioned countries and I hope the best for them. At the same time you can’t forget that Muammar Gaddafi, one of the worlds most notorious terrorists and longest running Dictator is waging war against his own people. He is clearly violating every right that a human being has and the news gives us 30 seconds of pro-gaddafi protesters. He killed people while they were praying to God and the news gives us 30 seconds of pro-gaddafi protesters. He’s hiring mercenaries from Africa, he’s releasing murderous prisoners and giving them swords, cars, money and unleashing them on the Libyans and the news gives us 30 seconds of pro-gaddafi protesters.

What kind of world is this? Someone needs to either tell me what kind of world this is or wake me up because I must be dreaming!

More news coming atcha!

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