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Barack Obama Just Ruined Sports!

You know how sports used to be the one thing to sit back a watch. The one thing that would take your mind off the wild and deceiving world of politics. Well Barack Obama has some how managed to change that. When I nearly threw my television out of the window because the Pittsburgh Steelers won the super bowl due to Barack Obama’s “uncalled-for” support, I thought despite all the flat out cheating of the officials on Pittsburghs side, it’s just a coincidence.

But when the North Carolina Tarheels win the NCAA championship, which happened to be the team Mr. Obama was rooting for,  you have to say something’s up.  Now I know what you’ll say, “Barack Obama is a miracle worker and he is the smartest person on the planet and he is the best and he is this and he is that and he knows what team to choose because he somehow manages to save the world and the economy and for some remarkable reason he also manages to watch and stay up-to-date on every dang sport!”

You know what I say, “NO……NO ………Okay?….. Just NO.” First of all, that is humanly impossible and second every time he says I root for this team they happen to win the championship in a NOT fair manor. I was so angry at the officiating in the Pittsburgh and Carolina Super Bowl that I nearly threw my TV out the window. I was so angry and frustrated at the stupid blind officiating of the NCAA championship game I had to quietly get up and walk away from the television during the last 5 mins in the game or else I would have burned something.

So just to make the president, or shall I say celebrity, look good they have to do this. Come on don’t stoop that low! Mr.Obama you preach change and never give it, you can preach tax cuts and never do it, you can preach better health care and never offer it, you can preach victory and never prevail, but please don’t ruin our game!!!!!

Just don’t say anything! when the stupid reporters ask, “Who do you think is gonna win?” can’t you just act like a normal responsible president and say, “I think we have more important issues to deal with beside who’s gonna win the NCAA championship.” I’m sure we all know that the winner of the NCAA championship is not gonna stop Taliban are they?



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