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5 Reasons Why Nokia’s Laptops Will Dominate!

Article from itproportal.com

The announcement that Nokia will be launching its own range of laptops has sent shock waves across the tech sector and could cause a (much) bigger revolution than Asus’ Netbooks.

We gaze at our Crystal ball in the high towers at ITProPortal.com to find out that the future is bright for Nokia if they choose to go down that way and here’s why.

nokia n900

nokia n800

(1) Bargaining Power

Nokia accounts for around 450 million mobile phones every year and although the global economic downturn may dent this, the Finnish manufacturer still produces roughly 1 in every 3 phones on the planet. This gives the Finnish manufacturer a formidable bargaining power that can drive prices down, computer or anything else.

(2) Experience

Nokia has far more experience selling worldwide than most players out there. The handset manufacturer is uniquely placed to sell mobile computers to people on all five continents. The Nokia 1100 for example is testament of the company’s fantastic ability to adapt to local requirements. More than 200 million Nokia 1100 were sold since 2003, more than the PS2 or the iPod.

(3) Brand Name

Nokia is one of the biggest and most well known brands in the world, regularly appearing in top 100 brands lists. last year, one published by Interbrand ranked it at number 5, above Google (10) and well above Apple (24). Its universal popularity will give it a head start in emerging markets like Brazil or Russia.

(4) Comes With Music

Nokia has another card up its sleeve. “Comes with Music” subscription service could well prove to be a winner in more mature countries where it could trump Apple and iTunes. In emerging countries, combined with advertising, a free CMW could prove radical against the plight of piracy. All of course, bundled with Nokia’s mobile computer.

(5) Symbian

Unlike say Asus, Nokia has complete control over both hardware and software. The prototype mobile computer that Unwiredview claims Nokia demoed at the recent MWC used Linux. But chances are that it will use Symbian, an OS and a platform that it knows inside out and that could be at the core of its mobile computer offering.


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