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Sony Loses $2.9 Billion, then releases new PSP colors!

So, according to Gamepro Sony just lost $2.9 Billion (don’t ask how) and their supposed “solution” is to add a wider selection of colors to the PSP. Now that is all fine and dandy, but get this – It’s Only In JAPAN! 

thank you sony……thank you


Full article, by Gamepro

In the same week it posted a $2.9 billion operating loss, Sony announced a handful of bright new PSP colors, which may or may not be headed to U.S. shores.

Sony posts huge $2.9 billion loss, responds with new PSP 'carnival' colors 

By Brennon Slattery, PC World

What’s the best way to recover after a $2.9 billion annual operating loss? Sony says: introduce new PSP colors!

The PSP-3000 is receiving a carnival makeover in Japan with the introduction of four new retina-melting colors: Radiant Red, Vibrant Blue, Bright Yellow and Spirited Green. The PSP hardware specs remain the same, and the ?24,800 ($279) bundle includes a 4GB MemoryStick, a pouch and a hand strap.

These new colors hit the Tokyo streets in March. No word yet on whether these colors will make it over to North America, or if we’ll be left out of the party.


Sony posts huge $2.9 billion loss, responds with new PSP 'carnival' colors


This article originally appeared atPC World.


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