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Source: Playstation Home releasing in 10 days!

, yet drawing consist of it.

", yet drawing consist of it."

According to Gamepro, Playstation Home is releasing in the next ten days or December 18th. This comes as sort of awkward. because I never anticipated that Home would ever release. It almost seemed as though it was some sort of mythological creature that know one had ever saw, yet drawing consist of it.

Anyhow, here’s what Gamepro has to say:

Sony’s long-coming virtual world Home is set for release in just over a week, new sources reveal.

Earlier this morning The Times Online UK reported that Playstation Home will be released to the masses “in the next 10 days”. This announcement comes just in time for Christmas, which should help boost Sony’s online presence for the holidays.

While we’ve been wary of Home release date announcements in the past, this news makes the most sense for Sony with the holidays coming up, when gamers are making their last minute console purchasing decisions.


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