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Call of Duty: World at War – Multiplayer Unlockables!

Reach a certain rank on online multiplayer to achieve each unlockable.

.357 Magnum Level 49

1911 Colt Level 3

Arisaka Level 4

BAR Level 4

Browning M1919 Unlocked at level 61

Clan Tag Unlocked at level 11

Custom Class Slot 10 Reach Prestige Level Ten

Custom Class Slot 6 Reach Prestige Level One

Custom Class Slot 7 Reach Prestige Level Two

Custom Class Slot 8 Reach Prestige Level Four

Custom Class Slot 9 Reach Prestige Level Seven

Double-Barreled Shotgun Unlocked at level 29

DP-28 Unlocked at level 13

FG42 Unlocked at level 45

Gewehr 47 Level 6

Kar98k Unlocked at level 41.

M1 Garand Unlocked at level 17

M1A1 Carbine Unlocked at level 65

MG42 Unlocked at level 33

Molotov Cocktail Level 10

Mosin-Nagant Unlocked at level 21.

MP40 Unlocked at level 10

PPSh-41 Unlocked at level 53

PTRS-41 Unlocked at level 57

Springfield(sniper) Level 3

STG-44 Unlocked at level 37

Trench Gun(shotgun) Level 2

Type 100 Unlocked at level 25

Walther Level 2


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2 thoughts on “Call of Duty: World at War – Multiplayer Unlockables!

  1. do u get the flamethower too and wat lv iam lv 15

  2. Благодарю

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