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Nintendo unveils new handheld with digital camera, coming Nov, 1st

The rumors proved correct Wednesday evening as Nintendo revealed their latest handheld, called the DSi.

Nintendo unveils DSi with bigger screens, SD slot

Nintendo’s latest handheld is a secret no longer.

At a Japanese pres event late last evening, the Kyoto-based video game company revealed for the first time the DSi, a sort of uber-DS complete with bigger and brighter screens, an SD slot, integrated browser and a digital camera.

According to a translation of the event, the audio capability has been improved as well, with a new speakers and audio playing software for Mp3s and other audio content.

Perhaps the biggest surprise about the all-but-confirmed system was the fact that the SD card will also bring downloadable content to the system. The pricing for the content mimics the Wii online service, with “prices ranging from free to 200 points, 500 points and Premium or 800 points.

Customers will receive 1000 free points with the purchase of the system that are good at the “DSi Shop” until March 2010.

The DSi will be released on November 1 in Japan for about $180. There was no word on a North American release date.

Article from Gamepro

To be honest I was expecting something a little better. Nicer graphics, a better screen at least. oh, well, at least its something new and it looks pretty cool. That digital camera will always be a plus, I can’t picture a DS with a camera. I will post new info as it comes.


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2 thoughts on “Nintendo unveils new handheld with digital camera, coming Nov, 1st

  1. tbphotos on said:

    Well I think that something with better graphics and a better screen would not be an incrimental upgrade. That would be a nother platform. The DSi is supposed to complement the DS line-up.

  2. sabers210 on said:

    Yes, I suppose your right, but why do DSi games NOT work with Nintendo DS?

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