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John Biden vs. Sarah palin, Preparing for the debate!!!

       For those eb50dcdd54f44cb6a73e9ec3a4afaace.jpgof you that missed the First Presidential debate on Friday Sept 26, don’t worry because it doesn’t matter. The Presidential debate this election will be less that the center of attention. It all comes down to the veeps’. 


Let’s be honest, how long is John McCain going to last? Sarah palin is running for president posing as a vice president and john mccain is just waisting every ones time. I say please don’t miss the Biden/Palin debate, cuz that’s the real deal. We all now that after that show that Obama put on for us in the first debate, we will undoubtedly mop the floor with Mr.Mccain. 


The real question is what will Biden do to Palin? Honestly I think the proper match up would be Biden/Mccain and Obama/Palin. Why do I think this, Because Obama is quick to defend attacks and to expose the lies of the republicans.  Mccain is too slow, Obama is too fast, Biden is kinda somewhere in the middle, and palin is fast too….I think I haven’t even seen here debate, from what I’ve heard she is “good”. 

The most scariest part of this whole nightmare is the rumors…er … the facts that palin is a copy of mr.cheney. 



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2 thoughts on “John Biden vs. Sarah palin, Preparing for the debate!!!

  1. Equality on said:

    Why not question that the moderator, Gwen Ifill, of the upcoming Biden-Palin debate is pro-Obama. She wrote a book that praises Obama, obviously she will try her best to make Palin look bad in the debate Why couldn’t the moderator be more fair and bi-partisan?

    Why not make fun of Joe Biden, who thinks FDR was President in 1929, and thinks paying more taxes is patriotic?

  2. sabers210 on said:


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