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“Anyway” or “Anyways” Grammatical errors of the English Language!

Lately I have been hearing many people, in conversations, saying, “Yeah, so anyways…..” and honestly it’s somewhat annoying. Naturally speaking I just always say anyway, because my definition of anyway is basically “in any way”. For example, “It was impossible for me to convince her anyway.” I could say that same sentence with out using the compound word anyway, “It was impossible for me to convince her in any way.”

If I said, “It was impossible for me to convince her anyways.” it would be like saying, “It was impossible for me to convince her in any ways.” which doesn’t make sense even more than anyways. I don’t know if this is just me, but whenever I here anyone say anyways at the end of a sentence it partially annoys me. I don’t really know why, as I usually don’t care for English mistakes.

official definition of anyway: 1 : anywise 2 : in any case : anyhow

Do any of you guys say anyways? If so, then why?

Definition from Merriam Webster dictionary


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7 thoughts on ““Anyway” or “Anyways” Grammatical errors of the English Language!

  1. It bothers me crazy too. Though I always feel language is for communication and as long as the message it understood it is fine. But I just cant bring my self to accept “anyways”

  2. sabers210 on said:

    Thank You!, about time someone agreed!

  3. You notice any particular of trends of people saying this — hailing from certain parts? Or is this an across-the-board thing?

  4. Piercan on said:

    “Anyway” is the only correct form. However, I hear “anyways” a lot in the Midwest. True enough, there isn’t much respect for English grammar in America. Besides, adverbs often end in -s; “in any way” > in any case > anyways (like some time, some of the time > sometimes — and “sometimes” is correct). What worries me more is the widespread usage of the simple past form of irregular verbs instead of the past participle; e.g. “I should have took” instead of I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN.

  5. sacarain on said:

    It is also spoken here in the Philippines. In fact, I tried opening this forum because I have heard one of our tutors saying ‘anyways’. Well, it also vexes me! I agree language evolves but honestly, I do not think this is one way of doing so. I do not think we have to jeopardize the rules that have been laid in a language. As far as I can, I will always teach the prescriptive grammar.

    • sabers210 on said:

      I must say this is some very diverse input on this simple subject. I never imagined that others were just as annoyed as I was about “anyways”. Interesting……

  6. Anyways really bothers me. It is not a Midwest thing. I have relatives from CA saying anyways. I think it is used by people who just don’t care about proper use of English. I am also having issues with the use of were. I was taught it was a plural verb, however, after researching it on the internet, it appears I am incorrect. Pronunciation of important as impordant is another pet peeve.
    A lot is 2 words

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