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T-mobile will release Google’s G1 cell phone on Oct 22, 2008!

Oct 22, 2008– “Remember that day”, said John,

“Remember google’s cell phone…what was it….um the G1? right?”
“yeah, I remember it was suppose to compete with the iphone.”, replied Michelle.
“Wait, I can’t remember, did it do well? It’s been so long, like, 30 years.” , said Mike.

Mike, John, and Michelle are best friends, long-time best friends. They always meet at blarstucks to have a few cups of coffee, ever since starbucks went bankrupt in 2016 blarstucks was the best they could find. They sit around a small table outside the cafe with an umbrella overhead, they sit in the shade sipping their coffee and pondering about the old days, about the old iphones and the historic launch of the google phone.

Anyway….October 22, 2008 will sure be a historic day-at least for me. I was going to buy in iphone, but I may have to just get this, it’s only $179.

see the pics below. courtesy of Yahoo.com

dont ask me why theyre wearing roller skates

don't ask me why they're wearing roller skates


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6 thoughts on “T-mobile will release Google’s G1 cell phone on Oct 22, 2008!

  1. wow its freakin huge!

  2. sabers210 on said:

    Yeah, it looks like something that HTC would make. Did I mention that HTC makes this? I might have to barge into T-mobile and take a look-see at it first b4 I buy it.

  3. sabers210 on said:

    Does anyone know why those dudes were wearing roller blades. Roller blades are not as cool as they used t be. How many people do you see wearing roller blades and how many people do you see skate boarding?

  4. That phone is kinda huge but I cant wait to get my hands on it. It owns the wing hands down!

  5. I think the g1 cell will do well, even in a struggling market. Price was dropped recently.

  6. sabers210 on said:

    And dropped even more, it is now $148.88 at Wal-Mart!!

    see my post

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