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The first article ever written in text/leet or web lingo!

Okay folks, here it is.

Ladies and gentlemen…..your glimpse into the future!

The first article ever to be fully written in text/leet or web lingo!




    thR hz Bin som db8 Ovr whr & wen d 1st eva txt msg t%k plAc. accordN 2 NASA d 1st txt msg wz snt via 1 simpl 1989 moto beeper n 1989 by Raina Fortini frm nu York ciT 2 Melbourne ~~~C___, Florida UzN upside dwn #z dat c%d b rED az wrds & swNdz. howevR, d 1st SMS typed on a GSM fone wz by Riku Pihkonen, an engineer student @ Nokia, n 1993.

    txt msgN wz slO 2 stRt, bt 2 dA it hz turnD in2 a multibillion dollar NdustrE 4 ceL fone compnEz & hz bcum hIlE populR amongst hip urbn ppl. It iz d fastest & hip-est ways 2 communicate evN earning it self a spAc on d lst of officially recognized addiction. A study @ d uni of Queensland n Australia hz found dat txt msgN iz d most addictive digital srvic on mob o internet, & iz equivalent n addictiveness 2 cigarette :Q. Apparently nowadays $MMz of ppl suffer frm “reachability” o a nEd 2 stA coNectd. 

    f 500 $B txt msgz wer snt n 2004. wotz goin 2 hpn n d futR, wot wiL hpn 2 d teens of d futR f dey R accustomed 2 txtN 1 NothA 4 20 hrz a dA & half of d teens suffer frm txt addiction? w txtN rapidly grON mNE ppl fear dat d eng lngwij mA slOlE b replaced by txtN. Tchaz R alredi CN d affects of txtN w an incline n grammatical eroRz n skul wrk.  

    We cnt TLK txt, bt we cn certanlE wrte it. txtN iz not goin anywhere s%n, az fR az Im concrnD it iz hEr 2 stA 4 a v lng tym. wiL it b lng Enuf? lng Enuf 2 wipe out a whol lngwij? I BlEv dat iz ^ 2 U.



And there it is folks, the first article ever to be fully written in text/leet or web lingo what ever the heck you wanna call it!!!


Just to prevent any confusion, I have provided the original article below.


    Their has been some debate over where and when the first ever text message took place. According to NASA the first text message was sent via one simple 1989 Motorola beeper in 1989 by Raina Fortini from New York City to Melbourne Beach, Florida using upside down numbers that could be read as words and sounds. However, The first SMS typed on a GSM phone was by Riku Pihkonen, an engineer student at Nokia, in 1993.

    Text messaging was slow to start, but to day it has turned into a multibillion dollar industry for cell phone companies and has become highly popular amongst hip urban people. It is the fastest and hip-est ways to communicate even earning it self a space on the list of officially recognized addictions. A study at the University of Queensland in Australia has found that text messaging is the most addictive digital service on mobile or internet, and is equivalent in addictiveness to cigarette smoking. Apparently nowadays millions of people suffer from “reachability” or a need to stay connected. 

    If 500 billion text messages were sent in 2004. What’s going to happen in the future, what will happen to the teens of the future if they are accustomed to texting one another for 20 hours a day and half of the teens suffer from text addiction? With texting rapidly growing many people fear that the english language may slowly be replaced by texting. Teachers are already seeing the affects of texting with an incline in grammatical errors in school work. 

    We can’t talk text, but we can certainly write it. Texting is not going anywhere soon, as far as I’m concerned it is here to stay for a very long time. Will it be long enough? Long enough to wipe out a whole language? I believe that is up to you.

The above article was written by Sabers210 with the help of Wikipedia and www.transl8it.com


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5 thoughts on “The first article ever written in text/leet or web lingo!

  1. Cool attempt.

    How about the first “input method” that do predictive text input from your leet mind ?!
    Try Oizea Type from http://www.oizea.com

  2. sabers210 on said:

    That is very interesting. I am going to have to spend sometime with that.

  3. gamersunited22 on said:

    Thats not true l337 sp3@k…. Admitletly its shortened down but if you add in the missing characters lots of e’s = 3’s and A’s = @ ^^ And so on i dont have time for a true l337 speak documentary x D

  4. Seems like you are a real pro. Did ya study about the matter? haha..

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