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USA .vs China – The Olympic Games will be a dog fight!!

The Olympic games will be a dog fight, a dog fight to the bitter end. Many will enter, few will triumph and so little will rise above the rest. Many will come to have their dreams both fulfilled and smashed to pieces. This is the only time where politics are not to be heard and the world comes together to compete. We set our differences aside and push our bodies to the limit, but to prove what?

To prove that one country is better than the other? One country is stronger, more focused than the other? It seems that every Olympics becomes a battle ground for bitter rivals. Politics to get involves, instead of embracing each other and congratulating the better competitor for holding the precious medal we turn our heads and train for the next competition. It becomes a race to see who wins more medals.

I don’t really care anyway because I like it. It makes for good enjoyment to see USA and China duke it out like we did with Russia back in the day. I think we still have a cold eye for Russia. I will be posting up-to-date, how many medals the USA and China won so stay in touch!

And now that I am the most famous person in the world I would like to congratulate China and the USA for winning medals this Olympics. I also want to congratulate South Korea, Netherlands, and anyone else who won a medal for winning a medal.


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