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I don’t care how much gasoline costs in Denmark!!!!!

This post is specifically for Yahoo, MSN, and probably Dick Cheney.

Can you please…..please…..PLEASE stop telling people that Americans have it easy because gas is $20 a gallon in Denmark! First of all I don’t care and second of all your tricking the poor American people simply because they lack the knowledge of other countries because they don’t travel any where besides the Bahamas.

I have been to England, Scotland, and Ireland and they go by liters. In 2004 the gas or diesel costs, like, £1 a liter…..that’s £4 a gallon!

If you want to act like Yahoo and switch the currency that would be $8 a gallon. Expensive right? Wrong!!!

Yahoo and MSN forgot the cost of living and the fact that people that live in Great Britain actually do live there, so their is no need to convert the currency to make it sound more than it really is. In America the average family would probably spend over $100 (or more like $150 – $200 with the economy) on food in a week or so. How do I, as an American, know that that is the same in Great Britain, Germany, Denmark or any other small European country. What if they spend €50 or €75 then $20 for gasoline would be cheap right, simply because they have money to spare and the gas prices don’t sky rocket when a dictator in Africa kills someone.

We have to understand that every country has its own economy, its own standard or living or way of life. We can’t just convert currencies and start saying you have it easier than me and I have it easier than you. We need to look to our selves or in this case the president.

Besides, this is like the 5th time I’ve seen an article about the gas prices in other countries on MSN or Yahoo and I didn’t even count how many times they slipped that in on the news. What gives?


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