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Top Ten Most Anticipated Games of E3 2008

Gametrailers.com counted down the ten most anticipated games of E3 2008. Lets review!

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Okay, lets go over the games and I’ll give you my predictions of each…..you know…what to expect when each game releases. This time I will come back to this post when each game releases and see if I predicted right!!

10. Resistance 2: I did play Resistance on the PS3, unfortunately I didn’t own it. I must say it is a very enjoyable game even for me… considering the fact that I don’t really like shooting monsters (with the exception of the Halo trilogy). It kinda had a Call of Duty feel and lets face it monsters don’t die after taking 30 bullets from a rifle to the head, I’m pretty sure it would just take one or two and Resistance did a good job of showing that. This should be a big hit amongst PS3 fans (who else?) possibly rivaling KILLZONE 2.

9. MadWorld: Ummm….I don’t really know what to say about this one. It’s difficult to predict the outcome of Wii games – at least for me. Mainly because it has such a wide market, you don’t know who’s buying the dang thing. I definitely think that this will be a good game…just good not great, excellent or anything else that describes this game as better than good. I say this because the game is black and white, I mean yea you can grab a stop sign and stick through someones head, but you can only do so much in a black and white world and the environment seems small and hard to see. I’d still try it though.

8. Prince of Persia: This is going to be no different or better than any other Prince of Persia game. Why? Because its Prince of Persia and all Prince of Persia games are the same and the graphics are awesome, but its just right for the time. The God of War type boss battles might give it a push, but I think this will be good to great.

7. Beyond Good and Evil 2: Ahhh, I don’t have anything to say about this. I could guess, but that wouldn’t be any good. I’ll update this section as the news comes…..I guess.

6. Mirror’s Edge: Honestly I like this game, but I think a lot of people won’t because just watching the video I can feel a hint of dizziness at certain points. I know Dice said it won’t make you dizzy and stuff like that, but I wouldn’t bee to sure about that I mean with the camera flying around like that….You can barely even see were you are going. I think this is an excellent game doomed by the camera, dare I say it, but I takin a risk with this one.

5. Guitar Hero: World Tour: What is their to say about this, uh? Anyone….you… sir with the red shirt… anything? Well, I’ll just say it then. Rock Band invented the whole band thing and Guitar Hero wants a piece of the pie. Will Guitar Heroes game be better, sure why not. In fact its gonna be the best darn thing out there. The fact that you can make your own music only sweetens the deal.

4. God of War 3: Only the best game ever, this will probably sell more copies that one and two. God of War has made a reputation for itself, how could I ever degrade it.

3. Gears of War 2: I’ve never played Gears of War and I probably never will. I don’t really like it, but nevertheless I think it will sell more than Gears of War and get near 10 out of 10 scores.

2. Fallout 3: I can’t say anything about this because I don’t know anything about this. Nor have I ever played any precious Fallouts. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that this game will be a big disappointment.

1. Resident Evil 5: When any game goes through 5 games than you know it’s good. I think it will be one of the scariest and best games ever made. The graphics are gorgeous.


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  1. I agreed with you

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