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Dell E and E slim to take on Eee PC and Macbook Air!

Hey folks,

Looks like dell wants apiece of the cheap computer pie by revealing the New Dell E and E Slim.

“Dell’s breaking the Dell E into two device types, a 8.9-inch model clearly meant to take on the Eee 900, and the 12.1-inch “E Slim” which actually looks positioned to take on the MacBook Air and X300, at a mere 0.8-inches thick, though perhaps in a lower-end capacity. Even the 8.9-inch model will have some distinctions, with E Classic model for super low-end use, and E Video and E Video+ for more RAM, larger flash storage, webcams and Bluetooth in the + model. Rollout looks to be slated for August for the E, August / September-ish for the E Slim, and a followup for both of those in October of WWAN, with WiMAX after that. ” – Engadget

They will both run Linux and Windows XP. The Dell E starts at $299.

MSI Wind look out, I must commend Dell for this. The Dell E will definitely be a big hit considering that Dell will not change the price of this item. The Asus seems to be getting a little greedy with their success as they keep releasing higher end models and selling them for $499 along with MSI Wind. They seem to be forgeting why people buy these types of ultra small-not-quite-umpc laptops…..the price!

Anyway, here are some pics. enjoy!

dell E

dell E

dell E slim

dell E slim


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3 thoughts on “Dell E and E slim to take on Eee PC and Macbook Air!

  1. desiree on said:

    I can’t wait! I have been looking for a MID with a great price and came across the DELL E series. I think DELL will show up the other smaller mini’s not with just the price but the look as well, I will be first in line to grab this one. I am going to opt for the video or video +, just because i want a little more to play with. Hope they stick with the debut date, if not, I hope they debute earlier. Any news on the price of the DELL E Video and Video +, and whether or not it will sell at retail stores?

  2. sabers210 on said:

    Sorry, but no news on that yet. I would imagine that it would be available in retail store, now that dell is dealing with staples.

    I would assume that the price of the video and video + would probably be in the $400 to $500 range, maybe even $600.

    I will of course update any news as it comes along.

  3. Nick on said:

    There is something that doesn’t add up. MS made it quite clear that the screen size limit to continue using XP is 10 inches. Asus and the other makers are limiting the screen size to 10 inches on the models they want to make XP available. Therefore I think there is some faulty reporting going on.

    Dell options for the e-slim:

    – Linux only (no XP)
    – Vista (probably not nearly enough ho to support Vista)
    – Special deal for Dell

    None of these options seem likely which is why I’m calling bs.

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