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The Last thing we need is another Kimbo Slice article!

Sorry pal, but if your looking for a Kimbo Slice article……go to Yahoo.com or something. The last thing we need is me writing another Kimbo Slice article. What I will do is tell you we he’s just a fad.

Kimbo slice (I know it not his real name) is just a fad, first look at his name, it’s too perfect it’s like Lebron James or Micheal Jackson it just rolls off the tongue and its fun to say.

Also the fact that the hype about him was started even be for he fought a dang professional fight! What the heck was that all about people, come on!

Now heres the deal, he was homeless and yes their is nothing wrong with being homeless, but being desperate for money, homeless, and getting a six figure check might drive you coo coo. Remember what happened to Mike Tyson when he got a lot of money. I think the same thing will have to Kimbo Slice. Eventually he will just be one of those Mike Tyson, Micheal Jacks, Mr.T people that make you say every now and again,” I wonder what happened to Kimbo Slice.” and then I will reply, “I don’t know, ever since he lost that one fight I never saw him again, remember when he was on youtube and everyone was making all this hype about him?”

Ok, maybe I’m being to harsh, but I just want everyone to know that money makes you crazy and he looks like a crazy guy to me. Crazy and crazy don’t make a sane.

What do you think, because my silly ideas don’t count as opinions.


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