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Red Wings Fan Throws Octopus, get ejected, then sneaks back in!!!

“As far as puckhead dedication during the Stanley Cup playoffs, this is hardcore: Zach Smith, 19, of Cleveland is a Detroit Red Wings fan. He snuck an octopus into Mellon Arena for Game 4 by putting it in a plastic bag and taping it to his stomach. He tossed it on the ice after the anthem and was promptly ejected. He left the Pittsburgh Penguins arena, threw on a Red Wings jersey … and re-entered the game via a $300 ticket purchased from a scalper.” – Yahoo Sports

Wow, now that a hockey fan! Folks, this is what sets hockey apart from other sports. Basketball is already ruined, football is already ruined and hockey is well on its way so long as Gary Bettman stays there. It just seems that all sports in America is shrouded by cheating and gambling and making millio….no billions of dollars. It these type of things, like what young Zach did, that help the people regain control over their sport. To tell you the truth, if the people where to suddenly stop watching sports Gary Bettman, David Stern and their goons would be crying like the little cheating babies they are. Just the NBA its self needs a few articles for me to expose their filthy lies, but honestly we …er I don’t really have time for that.

What do you think of this madness?


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