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Grand Theft Auto 4 Has Problems With PS3 – No Online!!!

Hey, folks.

It saddens me to represent to you this horrible news. First of all, I purchased my copy of Grand theft auto 4 (from best buy) on day one – yup, thats right, no preorder. To my satisfaction the game seems very interesting, until it froze…… three times with in the hour. Even more crazy, I couldn’t play it online…….at all!

After some quick research on the ever so mighty “internet” or Google if you will. I discovered that this is an ongoing issue that many people experienced way before me. Anyhoo, when push comes to shove I find my self in an awkward position that no gamer should ever be in – I have a game that froze a few time, but hasn’t lately and sometimes I can go online. The online issue seems to by dieing down, it might have been just the rush of all the people playing the dang game at the same time. The freezing issue I’m not so sure about.

Rockstar has yet to address the issue and offer a solution besides the stupid “erase the game data and install it again” excuse.

So, don’t buy GTA4 yet, at least until Rockstar sorts it all out. Meanwhile you can all sign up for Rockstars social club for GTA4, Enjoy?  http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/


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