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Why I Think The 2008 Election Will be Rigged!

*Updated Version* Written sept 23, 2008

Okay, I updated this to reflect the current time, Mr.Bush had “hot dogs” with McCain along time ago. Anyway, I think it is all apparent that the election WILL be rigged this time around(just see the comments). I think the question is why.

Why? you ask….Why will the election be rigged? I think I need not say much. Oil, war, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Terrorism.

These words are all that should utter from my keyboard and you shall immediately perceive my conception. It’s very simple any human being (republicans excluded of course) can see that if Barrack obama is president all or most of the top will be gone. Everything that republicans worked for, lied for, cheated, falsified. All of it will be gone years of work, trillions spent. They spend tens of billions of dollars a month on stupid nonsense wars, do you honestly think that they will not spend a dime in rigging the election?

The past two elections were rigged, the first one with Al Gore — A problem with the voting in Florida. The second with John Kerry, a problem with the voting in Ohio. Never in the history of ever did two elections in a row turn out to have some sort of problem with the votes. If that happens this year I will go crazy. Mark my words, “Barrack Obama will not become president of these United States of America do to a lurid rigging of the elections. It is absolutely farcical that they can do such a thing not once, but twice and now attempt to do it again.

This one is for you Mr.Mcain, you will never win. The American people are smarter, they will figure out and when your fatuous, foolish, half-witted, harebrained, idiotic, imbecilic, inane, jerky, moronic, nonsensical, stupid, unwise, weak-minded, witless, balmy, cockeyed, appalling, atrocious, awful, plans unravel in the perspicacious eyes of the American people and the world–you’ll get what’s coming.

Yet, the most disturbing part of this whole predictable scenario is that Palin will be the president not Mr.McCain and I think you all know what I mean by that. Sarah Palin is the most inexperienced utterly despicable excuse for a vice president I have ever seen. She walks up on stage says a few stupid jokes that aren’t even funny and all of a sudden everyone is buying her glasses. This is a serious time and if she wants to be a comedian then she should go on youtube where all the shoddy comedians go.

Original article (bellow) written March 27, 2008

So, why do I think the 2008 election will be rigged in John McCains favor? Well, right now their are three strong reasons why I think it will definitely be rigged.

1) George W. Bush endorses John McCain. [and we all know what happened when George W. Bush cheated, even the Canadians were surprised that we picked Bush again, but guess what…..We didn’t pick him!]

2) George W. Bush invited him for “Hot Dogs” at the White House. [What people don’t know is that Bush inviting McCain over for “Hot Dogs” really means lets talk about how your going to cheat to win the election so me and Dick Cheney can pass commands through you so we can get what we want.]

3) ” McCain meets Brown in Downing St” this is a headline, from BBC. John McCain visited the UK Prime Minister to talk about Iraq and stuff. [Whats the point of talking to the Prime Minister about the Iraq war if your not even sure your going to win the elections? Exactly! He knows darn well that he already won the elections in 2008 and George W. Cheat…..I mean George W. Bush reassured him of that. Mark my words JOHN MCCAIN WILL WIN THE 2008 ELECTION IN NOVEMBER.

Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton are just waisting their time. They should just quit and give it to him now.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like McCain I am simply telling the truth through past experience.


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18 thoughts on “Why I Think The 2008 Election Will be Rigged!

  1. I understand your sentiment, but I hope that democrats will show up in numbers so vast that what you’re suggesting can’t happen.

  2. sabers210 on said:

    I sure hope so, because I really don’t want John McCain to win. Republicans were the ones who got us in this hole and we need a democrat to get us out (thats the way it works) not another republican and of all republicans it had to be John McCain.

    I would be happier if Ron Paul was in the position of John McCain. He’s the closest your going to get to a democrat with out him being a democrat.

  3. Don’t worry, it won’t be rigged. And I think that Obama has a better chance than McCain. McCain is just strutting around and starting to act “presidential” and “experienced,” in hopes of defeating Obama. Follow it at http://www.realclearpolitics.com. Obama just needs to pull it together and ensure that he is NOT making empty promises. Lots of promises often means that once he is president he will have to break a lot of promises. Presidents don’t make the laws, the can help to set the agenda and veto them.

    But aren’t we glad that Hillary is almost out of the picture. She wears on you. Poor Bill.

  4. First of all, i’d like to ask why you even want Obama to win the election. He is very inexperienced, cocky, and his contacts are EXTREMELY shady. He is also soon going to be pulled into the resco case (I live in Chicago and all politicians around here are crooks, no lie).

    He speaks of change like any change is good. There is good and bad change, and the way he speaks…it seems like he wants to change everything America stands for instead of actually change the country for the better. Most if not all of his “changes” will empower the govt. over the people. That is NOT how government should be. Small government, low taxes, and less spending is what we need.

    I’m very sick of people immediately loving democrats because “republicans” screwed up the country. It just so happens the democrat on the ballot is great speaker. But so help me if that guy becomes president. No one that supports him truly knows how awful it will be with him as president. Having a corrupt illinois politian as president as opposed to someone who wants to end corruption in politics…man, that should be a no brainer.

    You may ask why I trust one more than the other, and the answer is very simple. If you know anyone in the military you know they are the most disciplined group of people you can find. His respect for his country is great…he endured great pain (I don’t care if his status as a POW comes up alot, but not many people could endure that), hes one of the few presidential candidates that has a love for this country, and with him and Palin they truly wish to reform congress and the united states back to the way it should be.

    Don’t go for style over what is garunteed to be a smart choice. The fact that Mccain was endorsed by GW has nothing to do with his campaign seeing as Mccain HATED Bush. And also remember that the president gives the word on Marine actions.

    By the way, ask any Marine you may know who you want for president, if they have already been deployed i garuntee they will say Mccain…and that is coming from the people who PROTECT US.

  5. sabers210 on said:

    I would like to thank you for you wonderful comment, it makes a very good arguable point and i like it!

    First of all, I don’t want Obama or McCain to win, but I don’t want Mccain to win even more than Obama thats why I endorse Obama. I really wanted Ron Paul to win, but the government shut him up. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of a candidate being “not invited” to speak at an event hosted by Fox News because they don’t “agree” with his “views”. If the government is not controlling us by showing what they want on the news, torturing people, not giving protests enough media coverage if any, and showing extreme unfavoratism to protest. In case you didn’t know, people do have a right to protest– it is in the constitution, you know……that paper that gives us freedom.

    The republicans came poncing in here cheating to win, starting a war for oil, killing thousands of Americans, ruining our economy, stealing jobs, and trying to start another war. It’s natural for people to hate republicans after what they did and considering that John McCain voted WITH Bush 90% of the time, I find it hard to believe that John McCain “hates” Bush.

    The exact problem(well, for me at least) is the fact that he was a POW, it only elevates the hate for every country in the world except for America. If John McCain becomes president (which he is) then, mark my word, we are going to be killing our selves in Iraq, Iran and Russia with a draft deciding who marches to their death and who stays to awake another morning.

    The marines only say that (Many of them say otherwise) because they are being fed false stories. Visit any conspiracy website and you will quickly see(with some research and common sense) that the republicans forced their way into the white house with alternate intentions that were not intended to please the American people.

    Finally, Barack Obama is not “shady” he is just unfortunately involved with the wrong people. Do I want Obama to win? No! Do I want McCain to win? No! I just want what’s best for the American people and that is to get the oil hungry republicans OUT!

  6. First off, I hope you realize that it is not the government trying to control us in every way shape or form. We aren’t communist (but I feel we’d be heading that way if Obama was president). The problem is, people in politics can be swayed by special interest groups, corporations, and other organizations for the prospect of a little (or a lot) of extra cash. That is an obvious problem that mccain and palin want to get rid of both being reformists.

    Second, you really can’t say we started this war for oil. Regardless of if we get Iraq put back together, our relations with them would not be enough to get oil any cheaper than we get it now, although I do agree that the exact reasoning is cloudy. What I do have to say is regardless of what the liberal media tells everyone the people in Iraq are very thankful for the troops that have been deployed there.

    From an economic standpoint, our crisis does not rest soley on the presidents shoulders. The fact that the government as a whole hasn’t put restrictions on moving businesses overseas or given bonuses for keeping them in the country is a big part of our problem. Also, the fact that the Federal Reserve has lost its ability to somewhat coax the economy to stay out of a depression…and more or less has done the opposite…in terms of regulaing interest rates and production of currency. It also doesn’t help that the US stopped going by the gold standard as the way to judge how much currency it can produce and the power of the dollar. Combine these with oil speculation and its a volatile mix. We should have seen this coming a long time ago.

    John Mccain DID hate Bush, but they “buried the hatchet” so to speak a few months ago. The problem with Bush was not the fact of what bills were being passed but what he did with them when they were passed (like the Patriot Act that Bob Barr drew up and immediately regretted).

    On the topic of the Russia/Georgia conflict, there will be serious problems if Russia continues to act the way they do, and we as a country must be ready to deal with them in order to stand up for our ideals as well as hold up our end of the UN. Think about it, two high-ranking KGB operatives are now the heads of Russia, and they are attacking Georgia (a country based on our countries ideals) for its resources and because it was once part of Russia.

    Mccain has said this before; he does not want war. No one in the military wants a war. But you cannot turn a blind eye to that sort of thing. We cannot have a president without a backbone. The people in the military realize that they are being paid to serve this great country, to protect not only ourselves but to protect others who can’t protect themselves. You can never say any troops death was in vain, because of what our military stands for. Peace doesn’t solve anything. The UN basically puts hostile countries in “timeout”. That is why we don’t back down.

    The marines are not being fed anything. Visit any conspiracy website and you will be quickly fed “conspiracy theories” by people with “over-active imaginations”. The marines want Mccain as president because guess who is the only branch of the military that can be deployed by the presidents word and not by going through congress—thats right, USMC. Who better to lead our military in times of war then someone who has seen war and the horrors or war. Not some “hot shit” far-leftist who can’t even figure out his foreign policy with a gigantic team of advisors.

    You cannot lump all republicans into a group and say they are all corrupt and do not have any respect for the people of this nation. Any group will have their “bad seeds” and democrats are no different. It is the people that are willing to cross the aisles to get shit done for the american people that are needed in the White house, and Mccain and Palin have displayed that trait.

    Barack Obama IS shady. I don’t even have to go into any of things that have come out during the obligatory presidential mudslinging contest. His short stint in Chicago politics is enough to come to that conclusion. I LIVE in Chicago. Politics in Chicago works like the friggin italian mafia. He is also not “unfortunately involved” with the wrong people. These people he knows aren’t mere aquaintences.

    You must be very weary of the people who preach in politics, especially ones who come from a background of corruption. Obama likes to say general things about what he wants to change in this country, but he never says specifically what he will do or how it will negatively effect americans. He effectively wants to woo the general public and go about doing everything he’s said he will do…and then everyone will realize how much it all costs.

    Sort of sounds like his buddy Governor Blagoyavich.

  7. Conspiracy Theorists are very similar to those who believe in subconcious backmasking. They essentially look for something that isn’t there. They play a song backwards. You hear the song backwards and you hear nothing coherant. Then they tell you what they are “really” saying or thinking. Then you believe that is what the truth is.

    If you dig deep enough into anything and over analyze the hell out of it, you can rationalize to the point at which the meaning of that something changes in your mind.

  8. sabers210 on said:

    You know what, I’m going to have to take your silly believes one paragraph at a time cuz this is crazy.

    Okay, first paragraph filled with bull!!! For the first time ever you are correct…well partially. My theory is a little different and uncensored. Billion dollar corporations, Oil companies, pharmaceutical companies and the like run the government. Oh, I almost forgot credit card companies too. So, in turn he government is actually controlling the people with the corporations in the background calling the shots. Look at Japan, Europe, even China, the governments control the corporations and the people have better lives–disregard that last part for China. The EU sued Microsoft 1 billion dollars because they included windows media player with windows xp. The EU!!! Not the people!! The government serves the people, not the people serve the government!

    Second paragraph,

    Oh, so we went in there to make friends, have tea parties and share quilting patterns? (sarcasm) One country blows up another country and walks out with barrels of oil, what do you call that genius?

    Third paragraph,

    well, by the way you write it sure does sound like our crisis, from an economic stand point, should rest on the shoulders of the president and it should. We didn’t waste two years picking a president only to have the economy in shambles and now one is at fault….did the ghosts do it? why do we even have a president if he/she black/white is going to ruin the economy, crash airplanes into our buildings, start wars for oil and then say I didn’t do it? and your right we should have saw it coming and because of Bush,Cheney and his little friend that voted with him %90 percent of the time were busy wheeling barrels upon barrels of oil out of Iraq, they were too busy with “other natters” to see it coming.

    fourth paragraph,

    Wait…. my apple is running out of battery power, don’t make a comment until i finish!

  9. sabers210 on said:

    Okay, I’m back!

    fourth paragraph

    no comment, I already said it was hard to believe. I think I made my point.

    fifth paragraph

    So you mean to tell me that if some little kids are causing a ruckus on your front lawn your not going to go outside and tell them to stop and leave? It’s very simple, let me tell you how it works; when someone marches into my country and kills my people I’m going to fight back. Is what Russia doing right? no, it’s rude, but what Georgia did was rediculus and extremely disrespectful. In my opinion Russia has every right to do what they did and I hope the United States…..er George Bush/cheney learned their leason, maybe next time they won’t push a smaller country into attacking Russia.

    and Just becuase the leaders of Russia were involved in their government/military it doesn’t mean what ever you are implying. Just to let you know that Mr.bush and McCain were in the military too.

    sixth paragraph

    Wow, McCain doesn’t want war? He just said that we may have to stay in Iraq for 100 years, he said Iran must be stopped, he pushing around Russia and he doesn’t want to talk about anything with anyone he just wants war.

    seventh paragraph

    I will not comment on the conspiracy theorists, everyone is entiitled to their own opinion (soon the government will take that too) and every one….oh forget it.

    eighth paragraph

    Why can’t I? They are all corrupt !

    ninth paragraph

    So, if politics in Chicago are like the Mafia isn’t inevitable to get involved with the wrong people and not even know it. If I’m a politician, I buy a house and my real estate agent is a wanted criminal, how I’m I suppose to know that?

    tenth paragraph

    I’m glad you brought this up because it’s actually the opposite Obama is very specific in what his plan is…..all the democrats are very specific. John McCain is very general and defensive in his plans, he doesn’t have a plan he is just making it up as he goes along.
    And please don’t talk down to me I think I know who is a good politician, I know the characteristics of a lier and McCain is one. Every time he talks he doesn’t look at you he looks somewhere else and on very hard questions his eyes are all over the place. Barack Obama and many Democrats are steady when they talk they are powerful rather than weak and shaky as many of the republicans are, McCain, Bush, Cheney.

    I’ve never heard of governor blagovyokic….er what ever!

  10. Carlito Brigante on said:

    Alright, So Case is obviously blind and has no recollection of the past 8 or so years. Anyone born with a rational brain in their skull would know to vote for Obama, I’m not saying the guy is the next Jesus or even close. But he is a Democrat and over the last 30 or so years, with Democrats in office, the U.S, economy has grown exponentially. Why not give the Democrats a try? We “gave” Republicans a try for the last 8 years..Why not share?.. now you’re being greedy. = p

    I could go on and on about how “Shady” Republicans have been, who couldn’t.
    But the fact of the matter is we need change now.

    McCain IS TOO OLD TO BE PRESIDENT, with Sarah Palin as the V.P. It would only be a matter of time before McShame kicks the bucket and we got some crazy sexy librarian running the show. She can’t even run her family (pregnant unwed teenage daughter) how in the hell do we expect her to be the ruler of the free world?.. If McCain was elected, or rather when he steals the election on some gangster shit. He would be the oldest person ever elected President, not to mention his P.O.W status. Now if you had been beaten, and tortured for five years and never gave any information about your country… wouldn’t you think your county owes you a little something? In my opinion, McCain has a personal vendetta (if you will) with America. Even other P.O.W.s openly admit McCain is not fit to be President. He is easily angered and very irrational. Would you want him to be commander and chief of the most powerful army in the world? I think not. If (or should I say when) McCain cheats in the election, with his finger on the button… No county is safe..If America wants it, America gets it.. like always.. right?

    Alright so I’m sorry for that over opinionated rant, but stop me when I’m lying..

    So this election, unlike the past elections. Will be calculated on “Voting Machines” apparently. “Where do these Machines come from” you ask.. Apparently, they have been created by “Private organizations” hired by the Government to “help” with this years election. (So we don’t fuck up like the last two) “Who writes the software for these Voting Machines?” Again, “Private organizations hired by the Government”. And we all know how GOOD “Private Organizations hired by the Government” work Soooo well.. (FEMA) Do we really want our votes to be tallied up by a computer? When it is widely known that right now, there has been software created that does just that, rig elections?. I’m fine with pen and paper for my ballot. (with the exception of a few “chads”)

    So, if you think I’m wrong, or a liar.. or you think that the Government doesn’t want to control you in any way and that they love you. Please reply to this post. I would like to hear why Republicans are better than Democrats and why Obama sucks and McCain rules.. but before that try researching a few things. i.e “North American Union”. “Skull and bones”. “Don’t taze me bro” ..ect. =P

    Never forget that there is a huge difference between “Truth” and “Justified belief”. What you “think” you know and what you “Actually” know are two entirely different things. You have been blinded by artificial concepts that have been created to manipulate and control you.

    You have been educated by who? to believe what? as “True” for what reason?
    Ask questions, “Why am I told to believe this” ask “Who gains from me believing this way”. and most important “What can I do to solve this and prevent this from happening” If you cannot open your eyes you will be forever lost… and thus you are just prolonging the inevitable..

  11. sabers210 on said:


    Finally someone with brains. That’s what I was trying to tell Case, but he just kept on repeating the same thing. the Republicans are the shadiest of all. and lets face it McCain is an older, slower version of Mr.Bush.

    Oh, I remember “don’t Taze me bro” that is a clear fact of government controlling. I’ve heard of North American Union before, is it apart of the New World Order?

  12. Carlito Brigante on said:

    There is so much of the truth that will never be told. After all history is written by the winners and in this case the American people are the losers and will never be given the absolute truth.. it’s sad really. The North American Union is something we all most stand up against. Next they will try to implement a new currency (mark my words) they did it with all the other Unions and they will with ours (The Amero dollar).

    We’re being robbed of our Rights, we’re being taken advantage of by our country and we’re handing over power everyday… Republicans are the answer though? right? that’s the people that will take care of us right? They have our best interests as American people at heart, right? They’re not rich white guys that could care less about poor minorities and our starving economy.. right? They love us, they want us to succeed in life, as people as a culture and as a country… They love us. All of us.. Even the poor ones with diseases..

    The truth is, neither Democrats nor Republicans care about the American people. It’s a sad and angering fact, they simply do not care. If they did care more action would have been taken to prevent our inevitable downfall.. More actions would have been taken to stop this seemly endless cycle of destruction.

    But can we really blame Democrats and Republicans for all of our problems as American people, sure we could… take the easy way out and point the finger. Or we can stand up and take responsibility for our carelessness..

  13. sabers210 on said:

    Their is a saying that goes, “if the people lead, then the leader will follow” I think it’s about time we did that. You kinda forgot about the malitia. I think if they were going to change the curancy and try to take over the world (the New World Order) then they would have to get past the Malitia first.

    I think their may be a few dems that care about the people, I know Ron Paul does, but he’s a republican. The European Union and African union were major milestones in the New World Order. So, it is inevitable that the North American Union would come along. Taking Canada and all of South America and making a union with one currency is a big task. A lot of the major plans of the New World Order are done by the century.

    It’s funny that the government thought that know one will ever figure out what they are doing, but then again maybe we didn’t figure out–if we did then Bush and Cheney should not be leading us and yet they still are.

  14. Oh yeah, it’s rigged. So are the polls. There’s no way in the world that with 80% or more of respondants saying the U.S. is on the wrong track that Sen. Obama would have only a few percentage points of a lead over McCheneyBush. You see, with the polls showing us accurate numbers it would be overwhelmingly for Sen. Obama, representing anybody-but-McCheneyBush all over again. But then on “election” day when the old man mysteriously “wins” thanks to Diebold, E.S.& S. and Sequoia it would be shockingly obvious to even the most dimwitted conservative that it was rigged. So instead the corporate-owned mainstream media feeds us a “close race” that could “still go either way”, then “Aww, man, McCain wins by a hair”. Not that Sen. Obama says anything but the mainstream crap about the “war on terror” instead of calling it what it is, a series of wars for as much control as possible of the world’s remaining oil and natural gas deposits and that the whole thing is based on a myth. Yeah, just act surprised when the latest “Osama bin Laden” video gets released just before the election saying “Vote for Obama! He’s the only hope to save your country!”, then the Repubs point and go “See?? Osama bin Laden endorses the Democrats!! So vote Republican!” as predictable as an episode of Three’s Company, may John Ritter rest in peace. Think the C.I.A. will get his beard color right this time? Come on people, open your eyes.

  15. sabers210 on said:

    I’ll be on the look out for that Osama Bin Laden video. maybe it will mysteriously be on the door step of the white house with no return address.

    No, but seriously I really must agree with your video theory. I’m thinkin 2 weeks before voting.

  16. Now we know the election was not rigged. Obama won by a landslide. Obama won Republican states like Indiana, Virginia, Colorado, and North Carolina. This was the first time in a long time the 11 o’clock news on election night annouced a clear winner in the
    Preisdental Election. We did not have to wait a month or the next morning to find out who the winner was.

  17. sabers210 on said:

    Your right Jeremy, I guess I was wrong. Stay tuned for an apology post. coming soon.

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