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MSI Wind, To Rival Eee PC!!

Every man and his dog is making a rival to the Eee PC, and understandably so–cheap, tiny laptops are the shape of things to come. The latest to join the fray is the unfortunately named MSI Wind, which was spotted doing the rounds at CeBIT 2008 in Germany.

It’s a little larger than the standard Eee PC and more customizable, so it manages to incorporate either an 8- or a 10-inch display and a keyboard that looks reasonably comfortable to work on. It’s said to be based on the forthcoming Intel Shelton ’08 platform, with processor speeds ranging from 1GHz to 1.5GHz, solid-state or 2.5-inch hard drive options, 1GB of RAM, and either Linux or Windows operating systems. Battery life is reported to be in the region of 7 hours, although we’ll reserve judgement on that until we get one in.

It’s still in the prototype phase at the moment, but MSI has been showing off blue, silver and pink versions, all of which look pretty darned sexy. Prices reportedly start from 225 pounds ($454) for the cheapest, up to 530 pounds ($1,069) for the high-end models. – Crave UK


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