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Rockstar slow to release in-game GTA IV screens

Twenty new screenshots for the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV were released on Thursday, but with less than six weeks until release, in-game action screens are strangely still missing. – Gamepro.com

The newly released screens by way of the game’s official website seemingly depict cut sequences only, as have other images released so far.

“The graphics in-game are hot,” comments senior GamePro editor Chris Morell, “so I’m not sure what’s up.”

Indeed, several recent previews have noted the more realistic-looking visuals of IV when compared to previous Grand Theft Auto games.

It is common practice in the video game industry to promote the best-looking game shots, which are almost always pre-rendered cut scenes. Though usually, in-game shots are also released as a game’s launch date nears.

Grand Theft Auto IV arrives on Xbox 360 and PS3 on April 29. The sandbox action game is rated Mature and carries an MSRP of $59.99.- Gamepro

I must say, Rockstar is one of the most secretive company I’ve ever seen. They just refuse to tell until launch. I will most likely get Grand Theft Auto IV, but I don’t know if it is because it’s the best game ever or if its because Rockstar is keeping it secret.

The Driving looks Sweeeeettttt!!!! this is awesome!!
Yeah, looks like the usual Grand Theft Auto.
Car chases look cool!
Looks like they threw a little bit of Mercenaries in there, eh?

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