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Bush Says US is Not Headed into Recession

WASHINGTON – President Bush said Thursday that the country is not headed into a recession and, despite expressing concern about slowing economic growth, rejected for now any additional stimulus efforts. “We’ve acted robustly,” he said.

Oh, so just because Bush says it that makes it true? When was the last time Bush said something that was true?  I certainly can’t remember. Lets continue shall we?

“We’ll see the effects of this pro-growth package,” Bush told reporters at a White House news conference, acknowledging that some lawmakers already are talking about a second stimulus package. “Why don’t we let stimulus package one, which seemed like a good idea at the time, have a chance to kick in?” – Yahoo News

Oh, the stimulus package will work alright, but did it have to come down to that?  If you (Mr.Bush) were paying attention to your own country, this wouldn’t have happened.  

Bush’s view of the economy was decidedly rosier than that of many economists, who say the country is nearing recession territory or may already be there.

The centerpiece of government efforts to brace the wobbly economy is a package Congress passed and Bush signed last month. It will rush rebates ranging from $300 to $1,200 to millions of people and give tax incentives to businesses. – Yahoo News

On one issue particularly worrisome to American consumers, there are indications that paying $4 for a gallon of gasoline is not out of the question once the summer driving season arrives. Asked about that, Bush said “That’s interesting. I hadn’t heard that. … I know it’s high now.”

Bush also telegraphed optimism about the U.S. dollar, which has been declining in value.

“I believe that our economy has got the fundamentals in place for us to … grow and continue growing, more robustly hopefully than we’re growing now,” he said. “So we’re still for a strong dollar.” – Yahoo News

Yes, please get the dollar up. Those British people are making money off of us. I always wondered why their was an increase of British people, Its because they become rich over here. Everything is cheaper in the UK, but its double for us because our dollar sucks.  

On Russia, Bush said he does not know much about Dmitry Medvedev, the handpicked successor to President Vladimir Putin who is coasting to the job. Bush said it will be interesting to see who represents Russia — presumably either Medvedev or Putin — at the Group of Eight meeting later this year in Japan.

The president advised his own successor to develop a personal relationship with whomever is in charge in Moscow. -Yahoo News

He went on to say:

“As you know, Putin’s a straightforward, pretty tough character when it comes to his interests — well so am I,” Bush said. He said that he and Putin have “had some diplomatic head butts.”

Mr.Bush? Straightforward and tough? I don’t think so.


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One thought on “Bush Says US is Not Headed into Recession

  1. I find it particularly disturbing that the President of the United States, a former oil executive, says he’s never even heard a rumor that gas might reach $4.00 a gallon.

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