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Is Cell Phone Recycling a Good Thing???

Is cell phone recycling a good thing? Well, it depends. Lately their have been quite a few cell phone recycling companies out their and a lot to choose from. Witch one do you choose? Instinctively, you would probably go to the company that pays most for your phone, but WAIT!!! Are they really recycling it?

Yeah, that company will give you $20.00 for your RAZR instead of $15.00, but your forgetting the really reason why you are giving you phone away….Because you were going to throw it in the garbage, but instead you want to recycle it and get some extra cash. So, is cell phone recycling a good thing? Yes, but be careful who you recycle it with, So do some research about a company before you recycle with them. Often times just send them an email and see how fast they respond and what they say about recycling. I’ve been down this road and I will give you a few suggestions for those who need it.

Also another thing to look for is if one company collects only high end phones and electronics……Just don’t bother with them because they only want money. Go to companies that say, “Dude, we recycle every thing broken or not, even if it is ten years old just give it too use and we will recycle it.”

PhoneRaiser: This company mainly does fundraising, they don’t have an extensive pricelist, but they will except stuff from individuals as well. One time I made $1000 from them just be buying phones from Ebay and giving them to Phoneraiser. I’m pretty sure they recycle and their customer service is excellent.


e Cellular Recycling:  This company also does mainly fundraising, but they will handle individuals as well, they have a very extensive pricelist and they do actually give good prices for low end and old phones. They also except MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, and video game consoles. They have wonderful Customer Service and they except any phone broken in half or not, same goes for everything else.


GRC Recycling: These guys are good and they actually do recycle, unlike the people below me. Their customer Service is good although it could be better. I’m pretty sure they do fundraising as well as individuals.


SecondRotation: Wow, these guys are NOT good, I should even have them on my blog. They only collect High End electronics and even worse THEY SELL THEM ON EBAY. They buy your RAZR for god knows how much, only to sell it on Ebay for $100.00 bucks. Give me a break. I have some stuff to say about these guys,  but lets save that for another post. I will give you their website so you can compare the prices they give you and notice the fact that they only do High End electronics. These are the people you need to beware of. They just got a $4.4 million dollar investment from some guys including an Ebay CEO. Now is that what they call a recycling comapany, it looks more like a Let’s-buy-peoples-electronics-cheap-say-we-are-recycling-it-and-sell-it-on-ebay company.


Well, thats it for know, I hope this helps anyone. Stay tuned for my next post about SecondRotation.

So, What do you think?


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6 thoughts on “Is Cell Phone Recycling a Good Thing???

  1. try http://www.charitablerecycling.com – they accept ANY used cellphone and will make a donation to a charity for each one. Terrific program.

  2. monstercellular on said:

    The best I have found is http://www.cellularchallenge.net . They clear your personal data (pictures, numbers, text messages) and you can print postage directly from their site and just drop it in the mail It’s easy and they accept our older phones as well and give them to a good cause and keep the material out of the landfill.

  3. GRC Recycling is dedicated to using zero landfill recycling techniques and they will take all cell phones. They also offer fundraising and programs for retailers and wholesalers. Visit their site at http://www.grcrecycling.com

  4. Michael on said:

    I’ve learned not to trust what their “pricelist” says, because some of these dudes just claim “yeah well, your phones weren’t working, so no check for you”. I’ve used a couple with success though, like Absolute Recycling, and got paid a little money even for the REALLY old phones, and more importantly, I actually got paid 🙂

  5. Stinky on said:

    I used Mobile Phone Xchange, really fast and got my money reaaly soon!

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