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We Need an Obama look alike!!!

So the story is that Saturday Night Live needs an Obama Look alike in order for them to make fun of him, but long story short….just look at this video.


Huh? thats odd, I bet Mr.Bush was probably the easiest president to imitate and I think you know why. They may have difficulties with Obama.

What do you think?


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8 thoughts on “We Need an Obama look alike!!!

  1. John Angel on said:

    Seeing an Obama impersonator really wouldn’t be all that funny to me. Like they said, there’s really nothing about him that stands out that can be made fun of like Al Gore’s lockbox or George Bush’s mispronunciations or Hillary’s…well, Hillary-ness.

  2. I am interested in portraying Obama and/or Christopher “Kid” Reid from the rap group Kid N’ Play.

    Take a look at my pics and video and let me know what you think?


  3. sabers210 on said:

    You do kinda look like Obama. LOL

  4. Romney on said:

    I have heard from a number of people that you were looking for an OBAMA look a like

    Zachary Taylor is 18 yrs old, a great impersonator and looks pretty good for the part

    he is a senior at Cottage Grove High School in Cottage Grove, Oregon

    he has lots of references from teachers, peers etc….
    please let me know what he needs to do.

    (NO relation to MITT)

  5. sabers210 on said:

    LOL, that would be kinda funny if Mitt Romney was commenting on my blog.

    I don’t really know, maybe he should contact Saturday Night Live, er, something. They might have, like, tryouts or something of that nature. Especially if he can impersonate him!

  6. Sapphyre1120 on said:

    There is an actor that played in the 3rd Matrix movie and Stomp the Yard that really resembles Obama. I just don’t know his name. If you do, please post it here.

  7. Here is a real obama-look alike:
    [video src="http://www.americateve.com/programa.php?id=19&playvideo=obama_jul_17.flv" /]

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