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Here’s our first, “Was that on YouTube?” Segment!!! [Reading Rainbow – Teamwork]

Have your friends ever shown you a YouTube video and then you laughed so hard that Coca Cola flew out of your nose only to have said, “Was that on YouTube?”

Well, ask no more because here’s introducing my new “Was that on YouTube?” segment. Every Friday I will post a YouTube video that will make you ask yourself, “Was that on YouTube?” I know today is not Friday, but with no further delay lets kick this thing off right now.

This is a music video “Team Work” from the kids show Reading Rainbow.

Here is a description of the YouTube video:

Probably the most loved segment in the entire series, this classic clip of Teamwork is from the episode A Chair for My Mother, first shown in 1984. Reading Rainbow is hosted by Levar Burton of Roots and Star Trek: The Next Generation fame. It still continues to run on PBS affiliates and in schools around the country encouraging kids to read books. Sesame Street and Mister Roger’s Neighborhood are the only children’s shows to run longer on public television.

I remember this video, of course not from 1984, but I actually liked it. I used to always sing this song in my head until I decided to look for it and before you know it I was laughing my head off watching this on YouTube. Reading Rainbow truly is a very good show, I loved it and on any given day I would watch it again. I think it comes on like a 1:00 P.M or something, on PBS. 🙂

Dude! This is better the High School Musical 1 and 2!!


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2 thoughts on “Here’s our first, “Was that on YouTube?” Segment!!! [Reading Rainbow – Teamwork]

  1. This video is awesome… period! I get the most amazing feelings of nostalgia each time I see it (which has been anywhere between once and three times a day since I discovered it 3 months ago), and I am to the point where the choreography is starting to sink in. I am a TRUE child of the 80’s, and I know for a fact that segments like these on shows like “Reading Rainbow” made me a better person… the person I am today. Are the lyrics cheesy? Absolutely. Are the guitar riffs absurd? You betcha! Are the dancers over the top? For sure… and you know what, if they weren’t, it wouldn’t have been good, and we wouldn’t love it as much as we do. I love and miss you, Reading Rainbow!

  2. sabers210 on said:


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