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Obama, Clinton face off in Wisconsin and Hawaii

Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton squared off in a scrappy Wisconsin primary and in laid-back Hawaii caucuses Tuesday, their struggle for the Democratic presidential nomination veering toward the negative. – Yahoo News

Wisconsin offered 74 national convention delegates, and an early test of support in industrial states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania. There were 20 delegates at stake in Hawaii, where neither Clinton nor Obama campaigned in person.Obama began the night with 1,281 delegates in The Associated Press count, and Clinton with 1,218. It takes 2,025 to win the nomination at the party’s national convention in Denver. – Yahoo News

Oh, its waaaaaayyy too close to tell. I told you this would be a close one. Its going to come down to the wire.

Independents cast about one-quarter of the ballots in the Wisconsin race between Obama and Clinton, and roughly 15 percent of the electorate were first-time voters, according to preliminary results from interviews at polling places. Obama has run well among independents in earlier primaries.

The economy, and trade in particular, was a key issue, according to the survey. Seven in 10 Democratic primary voters said U.S. trade with other countries winds up costing jobs in Wisconsin. Fewer than one in five said it creates more jobs than it loses – Yahoo News

Republican front-runner John McCain hoped to inch closer to wrapping up the GOP nomination in primaries in Wisconsin and Washington, with 56 delegates at stake. The Arizona senator had 908 delegates, and his closest remaining rival, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, had 245. Texas Rep. Ron Paul had 14. – Yahoo News

Wow, 14…..only 14. I’m sorry to say this…I really am, but I’m afraid the best thing for Ron Paul to do is to just quit the race. I really don’t know what he is doing. I think he is a good speaker and If it were up to me he would be president in a heart beat. Unfortunately, we live in a corporately run country and the people don’t chose their president any more (that stopped in the 70’s or the Hippie Era) the companies do….the oils companies…the credit card companies….the pharmaceutical companies… and Disney–well, maybe not Disney.

Obama began the evening with eight straight primary and caucus victories, a run that has propelled him past Clinton in the overall delegate race and enabled him to chip away at her advantage among elected officials within the party.

Clinton’s aides initially signaled she would virtually concede Wisconsin, and the former first lady spent less time in the state than Obama.

Even so, she ran a television ad that accused her rival of ducking a debate in the state and added that she had the only health care plan that covers all Americans and the only economic plan to stop home foreclosures. “Maybe he’d prefer to give speeches than have to answer questions” the commercial said.

Obama countered with an ad of his own, saying his health care plan would cover more people. – Yahoo News

This is already starting to get rowdy. I don’t want to know what it going to be like when it gets closer to election time.

In San Antonio on Tuesday, Obama said her idea to freeze the monthly rate on adjustable rate mortgages for at least five years would raise rates on new mortgages. “Even more families could face foreclosure,” he said. “That’s why one economic analyst called her plan disastrous.”

The campaign grew increasingly testy over the weekend, when Clinton’s aides accused Obama of plagiarism for delivering a speech that included words that had first been uttered by Deval Patrick, the Massachusetts governor and a friend of Obama.

“I really don’t think this is too big of a deal,” Obama said, eager to lay the issue to rest quickly. He said Clinton had used his slogans, too. – Yahoo News

Texas and Ohio hold primaries on March 4, and some of Clinton’s backers have said the one-time front-runner cannot afford to lose either. Already, she and Obama have begun advertising in Texas, with 193 delegates, and Ohio, with 141, and both visited the two states in the days before Wisconsin primary. – Yahoo News

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2 thoughts on “Obama, Clinton face off in Wisconsin and Hawaii

  1. Bill Vroom on said:

    Hey, this is a little off topic, but here’s a wonderful Obama site: http://obamawill.com


  2. sabers210 on said:

    Ha, thats a pretty cool site, dude. If Obama will do all of that for me then he has my vote.

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