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Violinist: Fall fractures $1M fiddle

“LONDON – Can his fractured fiddle — a million dollar Guadagnini — be fixed? It’s too early to tell.” – Yahoo News

“David Garrett, a former model who has been called the David Beckham of the classical scene, said he tripped while carrying his 18th century violin as he was leaving London’s Barbican Hall after a performance, smashing it to bits.” – Yahoo News

Ooooo, I could not stop laughing when I heard this. I kept imagining the look on his face when he tripped and the violin flew out of his hands. Just take a second and picture it. Okay, are you done? Isn’t that funny? let’s continue shall we?

“I had it over my shoulder in its case and I fell down a concrete flight of stairs backward,” Garrett said Thursday. “When I opened the case, much of my G.B. Guadagnini had been crushed.” – Yahoo News

Ha HA ha ha!!! He fell down the stairs too!!! Thats even better than I imagined. Okay this time imagine him falling down the stair backwards and then him opening the violin case, don’t forget his face….his shocked how-could-this-happen face.  Let’s continue.


“Garrett said he bought the 1772 violin for $1 million in 2003, and he is now hoping to get it repaired in New York, where he is based.

“I hope and pray that it can be fixed, but if it can’t, I hope my insurance policy will let me buy another great violin,” the 26-year-old musician said. He told The Associated Press that other published accounts saying the violin was a Stradivarius were incorrect. Guadagnini is believed by some to have been a student of Antonio Stradivari.” – Yahoo News

Oh, my friend your gonna have to pray alright. Wow, this is definitely something you don’t see everyday. No, but seriously i hope he gets his violin fixed and dude……Watch those stairs.  

“The accident occurred Dec. 27 but only came to light this week when he returned to London for another concert at the Barbican and told British reporters what had happened.

For his Valentine’s Day concert there, he is playing a Stradivarius that’s been loaned to him.

Garrett gained attention as a child prodigy. Before he was 10, he played as a soloist with the London Philharmonic, according to his Web site. When he studied at the Juilliard School in New York, he became a parttime model to help supplement his income.”- Yahoo News

What do you think of this funny news?


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