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Yahoo exploring alliance with News Corp.

“SAN FRANCISCO – Yahoo Inc. is discussing a possible Internet partnership with media conglomerate News Corp., its latest effort to repel Microsoft Corp.‘s takeover bid or pry a better offer from the unsolicited suitor, a person familiar with the situation said Wednesday.” – Yahoo News

Ooooo and look who its coming from. What at smack in the face to Microsoft. Good job yahoo, even though you’re probably not worth $44.6 billion, Microsoft needed a good smack. 

“If nothing else, the possibility of Yahoo joining forces with one of the world’s largest media empires could prompt Microsoft to sweeten its bid, which was originally valued at $44.6 billion, or $31 per share.Yahoo is believed to want at least $40 per share, or about $56 billion.” – Yahoo News

Come on Microsoft! It’s only $11.4 Billion more than your previous offer, Give them $56 Billion. Yeah right.  I personally think its over with Microsoft and Yahoo, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

“The details of the proposed News Corp. alliance were still being worked out Wednesday, according to a person familiar with the situation. The person didn’t want to be identified because the talks are considered confidential.” Yahoo News

“Most analysts believe Microsoft will do whatever necessary to buy Yahoo because the world’s largest software maker views the acquisition as the best way to counteract Google Inc.‘s dominance of the online search and ad markets — a battleground that is rapidly reshaping the technology and media industries.

“Buying Yahoo makes tremendous sense for Microsoft, more sense than any other company in the world,” said Ken Marlin, a New York investment banker specializing in media and technology deals.” – Yahoo News

My point exactly! 

“Yahoo rejected Microsoft’s offer Monday, saying it “substantially undervalues” assets that include one of the Internet’s biggest audiences and best-known brands.

Microsoft has held firm so far, calling its original bid “full and fair” while threatening to launch a hostile takeover attempt.

“What’s unclear now is whether Yahoo is just trying to get a higher offer or if the company really doesn’t want to sell to Microsoft,” said Peter Falvey, a technology investment banker with Revolution Partners.” – Yahoo News

I am eager to see what’s to become of all this. It’s very interesting to see how exactly Yahoo is planning to get extra money for its “undervalued” company. I think they’ll both settle for$50 Bill.


“Besides talking with News Corp., Yahoo also reportedly has explored an advertising partnership with Google, its biggest rival. Although Google probably could help elevate Yahoo’s drooping profits, the alliance would likely face antitrust hurdles because the companies operate the Web’s two biggest ad networks and eliminating one would reduce competition.”- Yahoo News

Huh? This is starting to get really interesting. It seems Yahoo is backed into a hole and they need to get out before the hole is too big. What do you think is going to become of Yahoo? Do you think their value is more than $44.6 Billion? Do you think Microsoft gave them a “Fair and Full” deal?  


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