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Does Clinton Need a Comeback?

“Before the polls even closed Tuesday night, Sen. Hillary Clinton was moving on. She scrapped a planned campaign stop in the Washington, D.C., area, where she was supposed to make a final pitch for her candidacy in the Potomac Primary, and instead focused on reaching out to voters in the upcoming contests of Wisconsin, Ohio and Texas. At her campaign headquarters in Arlington, Va., she plopped down in a chair, wired herself with a mike and plowed through one satellite interview after another with local TV stations in those three states, according to a pool report. “We’re going to work hard and campaign hard in Ohio,” she told an interviewer from Youngstown, her voice hoarse and cracking. “I’m absolutely coming to Green Bay,” she assured a Wisconsin station. Though she declared herself “very optimistic” and “excited,” her uneasiness came through. “I think we have an uphill challenge,” she told a Milwaukee anchor, referring to the Wisconsin contest next Tuesday. “I’m the underdog in that race.” – Newsweek

Wow, Clinton really needs some help. She’s just scrambling from state to state hoping she’ll win in one. She needs a real strategy if she’s going to have any chance at winning this. She’s doing the same thing that Guilani did and we all now what happened to him. 🙂

“Clinton suffered another wave of dispiriting losses against Sen. Barack Obama. He beat her in Virginia 64 to 35 percent, in Maryland 61 to 35 percent and in the District of Columbia 75 to 24 percent, according to incomplete returns. These trouncings give Obama a perfect 8-0 record against Clinton in the primaries and caucuses held since Super Tuesday. He walks away with most of the 171 delegates that were at stake in the Potomac Primary and moves on to next Tuesday’s contests–Wisconsin and Hawaii–with a fresh jolt of momentum. He has also ratcheted up the pressure on Clinton to win on March 4 in Ohio and Texas–two states her campaign has repeatedly described as bulwarks. “At this moment, the cynics can no longer say that our hope is false,” Obama said at a rally in Madison, Wis., on Tuesday night. “We have now won East and West, North and South and across the heartland of this country that we love.” (Clinton declined even to mention the night’s results at an event in El Paso, Texas.)” – Newsweek

Yeah, Clinton is mad. If anyone declines to mention the night’s results at an event in El Paso, Texas, then that person is angry. Obama also has some good momentum so I don’t blame her for being angry. She just needs a strategy–Like I said earlier.

“Yet Clinton faces challenging contests next Tuesday in Hawaii and Wisconsin. Obama spent part of his youth in Hawaii and is regarded as a native son. Wisconsin bears some of the characteristics that have helped him win in other states: large pockets of students and an open primary that allows independents to vote. No surprise, then, that Obama headed straight to the university town of Madison on Tuesday night. By contrast, Clinton set off for Texas, where she was scheduled to hold events on Wednesday in McAllen, Robstown and San Antonio–all cities rich with Hispanic voters, who have generally served as a dependable firewall for her this nominating season. From there, she plans to head up to Ohio, where her campaign believes that her economic message will resonate with a large population of working-class voters.” -Newsweek

Well, everyone nows that she can’t just rely on Hispanics. Yeah, their are a lot of them, but she needs more people than just Hispanics to vote for her. That’s probably why she’s going to Ohio which I think is an excellent idea. We’ll just have to wait and find out.

What do you think?


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One thought on “Does Clinton Need a Comeback?

  1. The demoratic party and its leaders like Clintons are supposed to stand for liitle guy ,minorities ,havenots and all others who do not have the voice in the process especially blacks-(Alas that is what is being told to us )Hillary and Bill always emphasised that they are for blacks,hispanics and underdogs. This is the time to prove that they really believe in this stuff and this is not just the hippocracy and hogwash just to capture power by any means What better moment than now for Hillary offer the nomination to First Serious Black candidate Mr Obama and make way for election to be leader of free world

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