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Yahoo Says “NO” to Microsoft!!!

So, Microsoft pitches Yahoo a $44.6 Billion (yup, that’s “billion” with a “B”) dollar deal. Unsurprisingly Yahoo says, “No way, Jose” and Microsoft walks home with their heads down. That’s what happens some times in the corporate world….that cruel, cruel corporate world. It’s all fun and games until you pitch someone a $44.6 billion dollar deal and they say, “NO!!!”–with three exclamation points. It’s pretty clear why Microsoft is after Yahoo and for those of you who don’t know, it’s because Google is crushing everything it its sight and if no one stops it now, it will take over the world. Yahoo actually took the deal as an insult because it was too low. I think Microsoft won’t be pitching any deals  any time soon.


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2 thoughts on “Yahoo Says “NO” to Microsoft!!!

  1. I honestly dont think yahoo is as valuable as it once was. It seems to me like yahoo’s popularity is waning every year. The only people I know who still use yahoo have been using it for years.

  2. sabers210 on said:

    Yeah, I think It’s because Google is just easier to use. Somewhere along the line Yahoo just lost the simplicity that it once had. Yahoo definitely lost its popularity and value over the years. I must agree.

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