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Clinton Leading Obama Among Superdelegates

“WASHINGTON – Hillary Rodham Clinton retains her lead among suddenly critical Democratic Party insiders even as Barack Obama builds up his delegate margin with primary and caucus victories across the country, according to a survey by The Associated Press.” – Yahoo News

“Of the 796 lawmakers, governors and party officials who are Democratic superdelegates, Clinton had 243 and Obama had 156. That edge was responsible for Clinton’s overall advantage in the pursuit of delegates to secure the party’s nomination for president. According to the AP’s latest tally, Clinton has a total of 1,136 delegates and Obama has 1,108, following Obama’s victory Sunday in Maine‘s caucuses. A candidate must get 2,025 delegates to capture the nomination.” – Yahoo News

Wow, this is a heated battle…..or is starting to get heated. I’m actually surprised at how well Clinton is doing. I am starting to think she might pull this one off. Wait a second, now lets not get too much ahead of our selves, their is still a long way to go before November. This battle is only going to more heated, more fierce, more….umm…you know what I mean. It really is anyones game–between Obama and Clinton that is.

“The numbers illustrate not only the remarkable proximity between the two candidates, but also the extraordinary influence superdelegates could wield in determining who becomes the nominee. Both campaigns are aggressively pursuing superdelegates, trumpeting their endorsements the moment they are secured.” – Yahoo News

“With Clinton and Obama trading wins and loses as the primary and caucus season unfolds, the role of the superdelegates has been magnified and is causing anxiety inside and outside the campaigns. If the current snapshot of the race holds, superdelegates could decide the nomination in favor of one candidate even if the other receives more votes in the party primaries and caucuses.” – Yahoo News

Ha!! Trading wins and loses? Don’t for get “trading kicks and punches”. By the way are they still squawking at each other?

“Obama himself weighed in Friday, telling reporters that voters should determine who superdelegates support, even as his campaign actively courted them.” – Yahoo News

“I truly am torn. We have two wonderful candidates,” said Steve Achelpohl, chairman of the Nebraska Democratic party and a superdelegate. Clinton “has a backbone of steel,” he said, and can reach across the aisle to get things done.

Obama is “the instrument of change.”

“He’s rallying our young people in a way that I’ve not seen in my lifetime,” Achelpohl said. “He’s a phenomenon. He’s the next Jack Kennedy.” – Yahoo News

Well, its probably true. Obama is the next Jack Kennedy.

What do you have to say? 🙂


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