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IRS Warns of Rebate Scams to Steal Personal Information!

Identity thieves are already trying to get your personal information, even before Congress passes an economic stimulus package. In some circumstances the IRS claims that people are receiving phone calls telling them they can only receive a rebate if they provide bank account information for a direct deposit. The tax agency says they do NOT collect information by telephone.

“The House last week, as part of an economic stimulus package, approved tax rebates of $600 and $1,200 respectively for most individuals and couples, with another $300 per child. The Senate is now considering a slightly different version.” – Yahoo News

The IRS also repeated past warnings of e-mails, supposedly coming from the agency, where people are asked to enter personal information on a form needed to obtain a tax refund.

“A new scam, it said, involves an e-mail notification that a person’s tax return will be audited with instructions to click on links to complete forms with personal and account information. Businesses and accountants are also getting e-mails with instructions to download information on tax law changes. Clicking on these links could download “malware” onto the recipient’s computer that gives the scammer remote access to the computer hard drive.

In another telephone scam, a caller claims to be an IRS employee who says the taxpayer has not cashed a refund check and asks the person to verify his or her bank account number.” – Yahoo News

The IRS advised people not to click on any link from an e-mail purporting to come from the tax agency. People receiving questionable e-mails can contact the IRS through phishing@irs.gov.

This is just horrible, every dang second scammers are just waiting for something like this so they cam scam us to death. Give us a break scammers! Actually you should never click on any link from an email purporting to come from anywhere because it could easily take you to a phishing site. If you ever get an email from a company like Paypal, Ebay, and many car companies [like Ford, GM, BMW, Fiat, ect] you should call the company to confirm what the email is saying or if it asks you to login don’t follow the link, just type in the address in your browser. If an email ever looks suspicious, calling the company from which it supposedly came from won’t hurt. Remember they don’t like scammers just as much as you don’t.

What do y’all think about this madness?


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