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Will HD DVD make it to July?

So, Warner Bros. dropping the HD DVD format entirely (by the end of May 2008) and exclusively going to the Blu-ray format. OUCH!!! Thats gotta hurt for HD-DVD. I knew all along that the HD-DVD was never going to last. The people want something new–not just a DVD with High Definition. Beside Blu-ray just sounds cooler. What’s left for HD-DVD, Paramount and Universal. Sony took Blu-ray from the begenning and they made the right choice. Unfortunately, Toshiba and Microsoft didn’t, Microsoft was so intent on beating Sony that they didn’t know they were falling into a death trap. Oh well, I’ll go with Blu-ray. I think HD-DVD will make it passed July, but they will not make it passed August. On the bright side, if you want something with “HD” in the title– to go along with you new spazzy HD TV– Now is the time to by an HD-DVD player with prices ging as low as $70.00 on ebay and $200 at retail.

What do you think? 🙂


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