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Sony announces budget PS3 games, silver PS3

Alright!!! Yeah, thats what I’m talking about Sony, good for you. Hear this:

“According to Kotaku, “PlayStation 3 The Best” games will be available in Japan starting March 19. First round titles include Folkore, Resistance, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Mobile Suit Gundam, and Ridge Racer 7 all retailing for 3,619 yen ($34).” – Gamepro.com

Well, Its about time Sony! Microsoft has these for the Xbox from day one. Why is it only in Japan you ask? When asked by GamePro if PS3 Best titles would be coming to the U.S., a SCEA representative replied, “We have introduced a Greatest Hits range of best selling titles for all of our platforms to date, and it is likely that we will do so in the future for PS3. However, no decisions have yet been made on timing or lineup.”

Thats not all here’s the best news:

“Additionally, Sony of Japan unveiled the Satin Silver PS3 for release on March 6. The new color carries an MSRP of 39,980 yen ($374) and features a 40GB hard drive, but it does not include a DualShock3 controller for rumble support.” – Gamepro.com

Is it in America? “There are no plans for a Silver PS3 in North America at this time,” offered the same representative on Tuesday.

Aw, Man why does all the good stuff go to Japan? I guess Sony just doesn’t want money.

What do ya’ll have to say ’bout this? <:)


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