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Patriots didn’t win the Super Bowl? What a shocker!!!

Well, their it is the Giants won the Super Bowl. It’s a good thing they did because I was getting sick and tired of the Patriots’ attitude. Dare I say it, but I think this whole NFL season was a set-up. They catch an NFL team cheating and all the commissioner does is fine the coach $500,000 and take away a stupid draft pick. If it were up to me I would not let them continue on to the playoffs because obviously they don’t deserve it. They tried to shove the whole thing under the table, but it resurfaced before the super bowl.

In the beginning of this whole ordeal I was thinking why didn’t they punish them more? Why does it seem that they keep on trying to forget about it, shove it under the table? As the season went on and they would not lose I began to notice, I began to notice some thing being shadowed, some thing being hidden, but when I read on Yahoo. com that this super bowl was expected to be most watched, It hit me….. It hit me hard. It was their plan all along. Someone has been talking to David Stern. They needed the Patriots to go undeafeted to the Super Bowl to make, “THE PERFECT SUPER BOWL” or in other words, the most watched Super Bowl ever. All aside, this is what burns me, in the Patriots game against the Giants before the Super Bowl they ended the game with 1 minute on the clock!!!!! I was outraged, what ever happened to “The game is not over until its over” why do we have a clock if were going to go willy nilly and end games when ever we want to. That outraged me enough, but wait their is more when their was 1 sec on the clock in the Super Bowl game they dragged everyone off the field and said we have to finish the game and it was the patriots’ ball. Lucky the Giants already won the Super Bowl or else I probably would have thrown my TV out the window. Remember back in 2001 when the Patriots kicked a field goal with 7 sec. left on the clock, the ball went through the field goal at 3sec. and they didn’t stop the clock they kept on going as a result the Patriots won.

Is this just me or are other people noticing this madness. Can America go 1 year with out someone cheating or lying, just 1 year that’s all I ask. First its Basketball then Football, what next? Hockey, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, huh? Golf is that how low your gonna go, cheat in Golf!?!!??!?! This is just plan madness and it needs to stop NOW!!!

Don’t take my word for it watch the video for yourself, keep an eye on the clock and when the ball goes through the field goals.


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3 thoughts on “Patriots didn’t win the Super Bowl? What a shocker!!!

  1. Good analysis. Patriots: hero to zero.

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