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Activsion announces new Call of Duty 4 maps

“We’ve demonstrated our commitment to delivering the best multiplayer experience in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and that continues with our plans for new downloadable content,” said, Robert Bowling, community manager at Infinity Ward. – Gamepro.com

Wow, I can’t wait for these maps to get online. I haven’t played COD4 for like….a week now. I just don’t have time, but with these new maps coming soon I will have to make time. I wonder what the maps will be?

“The additional content will be available at an unspecified time for Xbox 360 and PS3. Unfortunately, pricing details weren’t disclosed either.

Call of Duty 4 was the most widely purchased multiplatform game in 2007, even dethroning Halo 3 as the most popular Xbox Live game for a brief period.” – Gamepro.com

COD4 the best game out there, unfortunatly Infinty ward is gonna hand it over to Treyarc for COD5 and its going back to WWII.

What do you guys have to say ’bout this? 🙂


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