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With ‘change’ in mind, voters voice expectations for the next president

Here it is another article.


“And 69 percent can see the president making gasoline prices go up or down.”

I can assure you if Romney is elected the gas prices will definitely change, but not up or down…….just up. Here’s my prediction, Mitt Romney wins the election(because he cheats like Bush) in 3-4 years gas prices are $7.19 a gallon. We have no alternate fuel [Because The republicans threatens to kill anyone who say, “I got it, I have an alternate fuel”] and were in an even deeper hole and global warming is gonna kill us all. Why? because we let an idiot like Mitt Romney and all the other stupid republicans (excluding Ron Paul) do what ever the heck they want and we did nothing. I don’t think Washington will ever change if people like Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, George Bush and Dick Cheney keep winning and taking power. It will only get worse. This is basically the point that I’m trying to make, If people like Mitt Romney and the people I mentioned above keep getting elected (or cheating) then America will be no more, we will be wiped of the map, one of the poorest nations, 1 American dollar will be 2 cents in Europe. My opinion doesn’t count anymore. What do you think? 😦


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