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Giuliani to exit presidential race!!!

Here it is read it and weep.


This is a historical day, you know I don’t feel that bad about Edwards leaving now that Rudy’s outta here. The bad part, he’s endorsing McCain which means he could become vice prez. It really came as a shock to me that Rudy quit. Wanna no what I think? He raised a bunch of money to run for prez, now he pocketed the cash and split. He’s gonna give some to Mitt Romney so Romney can win. The next 8 years are down the drain for us and America. If I were everyone I would slowly start packing my bags because at the rate this is going Nukes from Russia, Iran, and China will be flyin at us soon. Get ready to leave….or flee. The way I see it corporate pigs are running America not the president. Credit card companies are running America, telling you to buy this and buy that. Why d you think Bush is giving everyone the tax stimulus in June and saying you have to spend it. Does Disneyland ring a bell, does vacation ring a bell, does spending a lot of money ring a bell? These are the people….or companies that run America: Credit Card companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Oil companies, and Disney(actually I just threw disney in there cuz I hate them). Anyway, this is not right; all of these “corporate pigs” need to stop running America. Everything to them is money, money, money. They don’ care about the climate, they don’t care about war, they don’t care about poverty, disease, crime. They’ll die before climate change takes full effect, they can get away from war, they’re too rich to care about poverty, disease, and crime. If Mitt Romney is elected as president – which I think is gonna happen – then this stuff and more is gonna continue and get worse until someone does something about it. They cheated two times with Bush, they can cheat again with Romney. They have to much power now, republicans and corporate pigs, they work together and they just care about money and oil…which brings them money. How did I get from talking about Rudy Giuliani to talking about corporate pigs and how Mitt Romney is gonna cheat in the election like Bush did?

Lets here what everyone has to say about this good news(for me atleast) 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Giuliani to exit presidential race!!!

  1. Rudy Giuliani sucks he is the biggest lier I’ve ever seen. You can tell when he is lying. Him and Mitt Romney are stupid.

  2. Oh, I won’t be weeping any time soon. Now that Rudy is gone I can relax. We just need to get rid of Romney now. I hope he quits too.

  3. stapixta on said:

    YES, Very good News. One down just a couple more to go. I hpe Ron Paul doesn’t quit either. If he does were all doomed!!!!!

  4. dododa on said:

    Yeah!!!!! Good Bye Rudy Giuliani!!! LOL

  5. sabers210 on said:

    Well said Stapixta, but I think he will end up quiting sooner or later, whether Mitt Romney threatens him or he just thinks or knows he can’t and won’t win.

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