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Sony to discontinue 80GB PlayStation 3?

Once again same old song read the article first…dadadada. This one’s from techspot.com


Some people may say, “Sony’s crazy” or “What are they doing?” or even “Xbox 360 is better”, But I say, “good job” and “keep doing what your doing” because for some dang reason Sony just won’t listen. Now, if I know Sony they have something up there sleeve and I think I know what it is. They’re gonna replace the 80gig with the white 40gig (we’ll cover more of the white ps3 in the next post). This could still turn out to be good, but If I know Americans they are very picky people why do you think Europe and Japan only have the 40gig? cuz they don’t cry about everything. This kinda leaves everyone with a question mark because If I do recall before the ps3 came to store shelves they said…no…they promised full ps3 backwards compatibility, but wait…..theirs no more backwards compatibility! What happened Sony? What the heck happened? I DON’T KNOW. I may have a hunch, they’ll see how the crowd reacts to “only the 40gig” if it starts getting rowdy then they’ll throw in a 120gig ps3 when the hardware gets cheaper. But hey thats just me, but what do you think? 🙂


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