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GameStop to stock fewer hardcore games!!!!!

Okay, before I start ranting go ahead and read the article from Gamepro.com.


Ahhh, so Gamestop to stock fewer hardcore games. hmmm, I smell a lot of money involved in this. See, Gamestop doesn’t really care about gamers…..only money. By selling more casual games they can get casual gamers addicted faster. Casual games are a whole new market. Don’t get me wrong there were plenty of casual games years before today. Now, they’re just starting to get the steam they need to become BIG, partly because of the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade. Once they can get those casual gamers addicted……Gold Mine for Gamestop. Although I hate Gamestop and I usually get my games from Amazon.com I’m afraid I’m going to have to congratulate them on what they’ve done or are doing. Attacking a new market and trying to get people addicted on stuff. Kinda like tobacco companies huh?

Let me know what you think of this craziness, because nobody really cares about my opinion. 🙂


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