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Politics…..Politics….Politics….That’s all we talk about.

One word. Politics. Its seems that every four years we seem to go on that little streak of…..Politics. All we ever talk about is….Politics. I’m sure by now you’ve realized that the key word here is…..Politics. Well, I’m gonna talk about….Politics too. Okay, where to start. ummm…Okay got it. Giuliani and Romney, throw em in the garbage they both suck. Their out to get money and oil. Never bring a business dude to do anything other than business stuff, cuz the only thing their gonna think about is making money. When we get into a nuke war with Russia, China, and Iran at the same time, Romney and Giuliani are gonna be thinking about how their gonna make a few extra bucks by raising the gas prices by $10.00. Okay, here’s one thing I want you to try if you ever watch any of these just-for-money presidential hopefuls talk, like Romney or Giuliani(or any just-for-money politician for that matter). They never say what their gonna do. Pay attention when they talk. For example, Huckabee says, “I’m going to lower taxes by doing this. I’m gonna stop the war by doing that. I’m gonna do this by doing that…..so on and so forth.” But Romney on the other hand says, “I’m not gonna raise taxes. I’m gonna make the economy better and open more companies, and fight wars, and make money, and steal oil.” But how are you gonna do that? It just seems that people get caught in his little “I’m NOT gonna do this and I’m NOT gonna do that” game that he and so many other politicians play and the people forget to ask, “How…How are you Going to do that?” I’m just gettin buttered up in politics so I’m gonna stop it here and conclude with the following sentence or two…or three…or four. From the Republicans I would rather have as prez: John McCain, Ron Paul, or Mike Huckabee. Cuz, their all pretty good speakers and they actually say what their gonna do. For the democrats I would rather have: …..actually its only one person….John Edwards. He’s the only democrat that talks about what he will do for America if he’s elected and not busy fighting with another candidate like a 2nd grader(Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton…. or is it Bill Clinton…. I’m not sure who’s running. wink)

Now all the candidates have their advantages and disadvantage(Guiliani can’t stop lying). You just have to admit that you probably hate at least one of the candidates.

So, who do you hate? and Why do you hate this presidential candidate? We all want to know. Thanks and good night. <‘:)


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